Monday, December 13, 2010

Too Soon To Stall

Round 1 Phase 2 Day VLCD 8
0.25ml (125iu) HCG SQ injection #8
Starting Weight on 12/06/10: 189.6
Yesterday's Wt: 182.4
Today's Wt: 182.4
Today's LOSS/GAIN: 0.0lbs
R1 Total Loss to Date: 7.2lbs

I seemed to have stalled already but I'm such a big dummy because I didn't take measurements again!! So hopefully this is my week to lose inches. I was stressing on Saturday because I took the written exam for a law enforcement position. Afterwards, I went to my mother's house and she decided to send me to do a bunch of errands for her. When I finally got home I realized that I hadn't had any water for the day. Plus once I got home, I had to spend quality time with my chocolate lab because I hadn't played with her the day before, since I went bowling. The only thing I can think of that caused be to stall, is that I cheated and ate rotisserie chicken because I hadn't had a chance to cook. So I'll wait and see.

Also, I mixed a fresh batch of HCG last nite since yesterday I finished my previous vial.


Stewart Jones said...

Looks Good!

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hcg weight loss said...

Nice progress. I hope hCG will work for me too.

Ryan, Utah

Cal - the hCG Success guy said...

I completely know what you mean here... I watched my pants get huge around me while I barely lost 2lbs one week... so I lost inches, but not pounds. I didn't measure that time. Now I know not to worry when I stall!

3 rounds and 72lbs down!

Glad to see you making progress. Keep up the great work!!!

usqureshi said...

i m in round 2 3rd day and i totally loss only and only 5 pound and using hcg trillion version

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hcg pellet said...

Excellent progress!