Monday, August 25, 2008

R4P2D10 One Less Mouth To Feed??

Round 4 Phase 2 Day #10 VLCD 7
1.0ml (161.2iu) HCG IM injection # 10
Starting Weight on 08.18.07: 197lbs
R3 LIW: 161.4
Starting R4 Wt: 170.2
Yesterday's Wt: 163.6
Today's Wt: 162.6
Today's LOSS/GAIN: -1.0lb
R4 Total Loss to Date: 7.6lbs

My 12 year old cat, Babe, awoke me at 3am by jumping on my bed and meowing really loud. I really think that he's at death's door now. He has been unable to drink or eat for about a week now. I tried giving him some water with a needle less syringe but he will turn away when I do that. He's very lethargic and dehydrated. He's like a son to me ya know?

Back to the protocol, I wasn't hungry yesterday morning or afternoon so I skipped lunch. Bad idea, I know but I really wasn't hungry. I grilled some hamburger patties and chicken. I ate a hamburger patty with Monterrey Jack cheese and mustard on a bed of lettuce. Oh, I did have a small apple during my lunch time and nothing else.

I'm back at work and hope that no one brings donuts today!!!