Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An Update Finally!

Wow, I hadn't realized how long its been since I've visited my own blog!! Currently I'm holding steady between 168 and 170, well, not so steady I guess. I was ready to start up this week just after the Super Bowl and when I got to work, I was approached by a coworker, who let me know that they were starting the Biggest Loser contest. We all have to ante up and whoever loses the most (both pounds and inches) will win the pot. So far 14 people have signed up and the weigh in is next week. Now we all know I have the Pounds and Inches advantage so now I have to decide if I really want to join. The incentive is awesome but my daughter isn't very thrilled with the idea. Hopefully I can decide by this weekend because its next week already when it begins. I'll have to compete with a lot of men versus women so that has me up in arms.

Well, the new year hasn't been very kind to me. My birthday weekend started off great then someone broke into my car and stole my bowling bag with all my equipment in it. What a pisser!! So I had to spend a lot of money to replace all my equipment. What upsets me the most is that the biggest USBC women's tournament begins in March here in my own hometown of El Paso, Texas. It is very exciting!! Usually this tournament is held in Las Vegas or Reno, and this year it's our turn!!

Ok, I rambled on enough, now to sit and ponder on what to do with this contest!!


minus -70 said...

how did you make it through phase 2... im struggling help.

maryg911 said...

Phase 2 is difficult, but just remember, it is only for 23 days!! Drink hot teas or lots of water, practice EFT techniques or take a walk. Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...


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