Sunday, October 19, 2008

R4P2D8V6 Oooops!!

Round 4 Phase 2 Day # 8 VLCD 6
1.0ml (156.25iu) HCG IM injection #7
Starting Weight on 08.18.07: 197lbs
R3 LIW: 161.4
Starting R4 Wt: 179.6
Yesterday's Wt: 169.8
Today's Wt: 171.2
Today's LOSS/GAIN: +1.4lbs
R4 Total Loss to Date: 8.4lbs

I forgot my injection yesterday. I totally screwed up yesterday and gave into pizza, donuts and Mexican sweet bread. Apparently we were having a Pride Day at work. Volunteers and police officers were cleaning up neighborhoods. Afterwards there was pizza, donuts and cake!! I had to taste it all. I had a Mexican pastry earlier, then I had some fresh broccoli, cauliflower and celery sticks. Then I indulged in 2 slices of pepperoni pizza. Later I decided since I had already blown it, I went in search for the cake. I brought it home though. I went back to my desk and found 3 boxes of KK donuts sitting there. I ate 2 glazed ones. After I got home, I had brought pizza, donuts and cake for my daughter and myself of course. I had a slice of pizza and the small piece of cake. Around 8pm, I made a cup of coffee and heated up 2 KK donuts in the microwave.

I was shocked this morning to see that small gain on the scale, I just hope it comes off in the next couple of days.

Mexican pastry
pizza, broccoli, cauliflower, celery sticks
2 KK donuts
pizza, piece of cake
2 KK donuts, coffee
pizza, small piece of cake

Hey B, don't worry about it, I've been AWOL myself. Take care of yourself woman!!