Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back For A New Year!!

I'm still on the wire of starting today or tomorrow or just wait for my monthly to show up, which should be later this week.

I can't believe I let myself get to where I am now but it just made me realize how easily it is to fall back into bad routines and habits. It takes a real effort to stay on track and I only have myself to blame for what I've done. I really need to buckle down this year because I only have until September to get in shape and try out for the police department. This is my goal for this year!!! I've been saying I want to join for the last 6 years but I really need to do it soon.

Wish me luck guys on both of my endeavors: getting healthier and fit and getting on the department as an officer!!

Hope everyone is having a great year and succeeding in meeting their resolutions and/or goals!!


EweWho said...

It seems that a lot of us got on that train that was derailed, Mary. But now we are back on a different one, and this one is headed for the station we want to go to!

Skinnyville, here we come!

BizAdventure said...

OMG! Look at you! WOOHOO!!! Come back Mary, I miss you!!! Come to the forums and start a journal. We are ALL in this together. All dealing with those demons, we will DO it girl, we will!

Ed & Jennifer said...

Well Whassssssssssssssup Mary Moe! OMG, long time no blog huh?! Just want ya to know I'm checking on you! Mary you can do it this year-decide NOW this is YOUR YEAR! We're here cheering you on!!!

Love ya girl!