Thursday, March 1, 2012

Phase 4 Finally!!

Yesterday was my first official day of P4 and I'm happy to report that I have been able to stay within my 2 pound over/under window, whoo hoo!! Today I did indulge in some Mexican food, gorditas with rice and beans. I must admit they were delicious. Dinner was a small steak with a side of creamed spinach mixed with quinoa. I have begun to enjoy quinoa. Ok, I'm getting side tracked. My LIW was 165.8 and I awoke today at 4am, after a huge meal yesterday to a surprising 166.4!! My weight yesterday was 167.2, day before that was 168. Wow, that was a total shocker for me. Yesterday's meal consisted of 2 petite steaks, Mexican squash in butter, quinoa, brussel sprouts in butter sauce and 1/2 an avocado. I didn't feel stuffed, weird huh? Breakfast was a homemade juice/smoothie. I'm sure this is all jumbled but I'm going by memory because I'm horrible at writing things down with my ADHD. I try to behave in my eating during the week, but Saturdays, or Faturdays, as Dr. Oz calls them, I really indulge in Mexican pastries, pizza, anything that I've been craving all week, etc. So on Sundays, I'm not extremely hungry so it is easy for me to do a correction day or just a protein day. Protein days are much easier since I can have some eggs for breakfast and/or lunch then chicken, fish or steak for dinner with P3 safe veggies.

Monday was a very good day for me. I went to the post office to pick up my package which contained what I need to continue with this progression. Then I received a phone call, which I missed for cleaning with my mp3 player on, but they left a message. It was a call stating I had won a $50 gift certificate from a contest I entered back in January. At first I couldn't recall, then I remembered because she stated all she had was my phone number because I had submitted my entry via text. That's when I remembered. I called her back the following morning to give her my information so she could mail it out to me. She made me laugh because she stated she had called several people and they were hesitant to give her their information, so they lost out on their free $50 gift certificate and coupon for a free box of their product. Overall, it has been a good week but at this very moment, I can feel TOM knocking on my door, errrrgh!!!

Let's see what tomorrow holds!!!