Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Apologies

Starting Weight on 03/31/09 189.4
Starting R1 Wt: 189.4
Yesterday's Wt: 182.8
Today's Wt: 183.4

I must apologize to everyone for my absence. On Wednesday I woke up feeling really crappy and called in sick to work. Then I sat here pondering what the heck I was doing. I made up my mind to call it quits until my bowling leagues are over. It has been very difficult because of the drinking and munchies. I want to stay true to the protocol and my cheating will not help at all. During the summer I only want to be in one league to save money and start over again with the protocol. So for now I'm just trying to watch my food intake, limit carbs and exercise a bit.

Also, I'm unable to get on the internet at work during the later half of the week because I have to be at the front desk and everyone can see what I'm doing. I don't want my supervisors to see what I'm doing and get written up for "not working". I try to read up on everyone daily but I don't always get to post comments for the same reason.

I wish everyone the best and hope that everyone stays true to the protocol and not be weak like me.

CB, I've checked on you and you are doing great my friend!!! I am reading up on you but for the reasons above, I haven't posted comments, I'm sorry but I am checking on you!!!


BizAdventure said...

Just cause your not gonna be on protocol doesn't mean you can disappear!!! Come and visit you silly woman, we always want you around.

Have you tried high fat?