Tuesday, May 1, 2012

R3P2D40V34 Huh?

Round 3 Phase 2 Day 40 VLCD 34
0.25ml (125iu) HCG SQ injection #33
Starting Weight on 03/26/2012: 174.8
Yesterday's Wt: 161.6
Today's Wt: 160.2
Today's LOSS/GAIN: -1.4lb
R3 Total Loss to Date: -14.6

Okay, I wasn't really expecting that but I frickin' take it!! Hells Yeah!! I guess all that physical activity I had on the weekend has really affected my losses and gains.  I'm sure I'm retaining water for TOM and all the soreness from strenuous exercise on the weekends.  Funny how once I stop exercising my weight drops.  So in this instance, exercise is not good for the body, especially on Phase 2.  I also cut out the WASA crackers and went back to the Melba toasts.  The WASA are too tempting and I end up eating a couple more than I should so I have finally stopped them.  Sadly, there are still some in my kitchen but I can avoid them for now.  My lunch yesterday consisted of my 100gm of chicken and grape tomatoes.  I had an apple later in the afternoon.  I realized that I have too many eggs so that's what I decided to have for dinner.  I did cheat a little by having 2 whole eggs versus 1 whole egg, and 2 egg whites.  I sauteed my onions and them cooked my eggs with them. I also added some Mrs. Dash garlic and herb seasonings and turmeric. This is my favorite P2 omelet.  I also had a few grape tomatoes along with that but counted it as my fruit.

After someone posted a link to a You Tube video on HCG2 dieters group on Yahoo, I watched it and it was only one minute and 30 seconds or less, long.  It basically said that once you awake in the morning, the first thing you should do is drink water, up to a liter of water if you can, so your body can begin to flush out toxins that have built up in your system during the night..  I started doing that on Sunday.  I must admit it was difficult for me because my body wasn't used it.  I'm used to getting up and going to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee.  I couldn't drink very much the first day because since I'm not acclimated to it, my stomach began to hurt and I felt nauseous. Luckily I didn't vomit or anything but I drank what I could then got my coffee.  I don't know if it's making a difference but I will stick with that routine.  Maybe that's the reason I had so many BM's on Sunday.  There's not much in our guts on Phase 2 but I was "going".  I took a Super Guarana tablet today when I left work because I decided to go shopping at Albertson's again to finish up my coupons since today is the last day of their ad specials.  I had to make 3 trips in both stores since I had 6 coupons left.  I then went to Wal*Mart since I don't get the Tuesday edition of the newspaper at home.  Oh, and I found organic, wheat-free tamari sauce at Albertson's so now I can make my own "crackers".  I really like these Guarana tablets, they give you energy without the jitters.  The first time I ever took one, I was working at a center for children.  Granted children didn't actually live there, they were just brought in to be interviewed by several agencies at once regarding the abuse they had endured.  So I took one when I had first received them and I ended up cleaning and reorganizing a three part closet full of crap.  I organized it, threw out a bunch of old shit in a matter of 2-3 hours, by myself.  The other girl came out of her office and asked where I had gotten the energy to clean that entire closet by myself.  She said she had tried, before I had started working there, to do exactly what I had done, but could never get through one part of that closet.  She was amazed.  I showed her the tablets and she was floored.  I don't know if she ordered any or just forgot about it.  I ordered some more from a different company but I only got 2 bottles.  Puritan's Pride has the best prices and best deals for me.  It's usually BOGO FREE, and B2G3 Free.  I didn't want that many bottles since I hadn't tried this brand but I am enjoying them and their effectiveness so I will buy more after these are done. Plus I got two bottles for the less than I paid for the one bottle or the other brand.  I don't even want to take a nap right now.  I just hope it wears off by the time I need to be in bed. See, I can't even stop typing LOL. I'm off to reorganize my kitchen, do some laundry and color my hair.  This includes my usually nightly chores of cleaning up after all my animals, exercising my dog and make sure they're all fed as well.