Monday, May 14, 2012

R3P3D5 My First Official BAB

Round 3 Phase 3 Day 5
Starting Weight on 03/26/2012: 174.8
Yesterday's Wt: 162.4
Today's Wt: 161.8
Today's LOSS/GAIN: -0.6
R3 Total Loss to Date: -13

I originally awoke at 4am to walk my neighborhood to pick up papers that no one wants.  I walked two blocks and that took about 30 minutes or so.  I actually broke a sweat.  I did wear a sweatshirt because it was very cool and breezy at that hour. I came home and went back to bed.   I didn't have too hard of time going back to sleep but my dog kept barking disrupting my slumber.  I finally got up and out of bed at 8am.  I decided to try BAB.  I had a huge chicken breast that I had cooked last night so I reheated it and cooked up some asparagus.  I had a very hard time eating all that chicken since I'm not used to eating as soon as I get up.  But a BAB must be eaten within 30 minutes of awakening.  I got it down and had a bit of nausea.  My stomach was freaking out. I also used half & half with coconut milk in my coffee.  I finally got myself ready and headed out the door.  I started at Big Lots to return an item and then visited the Dollar General next door for some liquid eyeliner.  Then I started on my hunt for the Starbucks refreshers that I had coupons for (FREE).  I started at one Wal*Mart and made three trips inside the store since they had a bunch of the refreshers I was looking for.  Of course, I had to visit three different cashiers and also stocked up on more potato chips.  I finally made it to Albertson's and got some more chips there and only made 2 trips back into that store.  I also spoke with the Frito Lay man, not bad looking either.  I finally left that store and headed to the other Albertson's and they did not have the flavor of chips I was looking for nor the refreshers, ergh!! So I walked to Kmart next door because they had the Alpo canned dog food on sale and I had 2 coupons that expire today.  Hey, $1.50 off 10 cans is a big savings for me.  I only had 2 coupons and 1 for $1.00 off eight cans.  I have more coupons but I just didn't want to buy that much dog food today.  I'll go the Kmart by work tomorrow.  I'm upset because I had about 4-5 more coupons that I had printed but they expired on Saturday and of course, the sale started yesterday, ugh!!  I then left there and went to Walgreen's and they only had one refresher in the fridge but I got a coupon for 99 cents off my next trip so I can get another refresher since they're on sale for 99 cents.  I drove to another Walgreen's for the refreshers but they were completely out but they had the eyeliner I was looking for and yes, I had a coupon for them.  So from there, I drove to my neighborhood Wal*Mart (yes, the one I hate) and they didn't have the refreshers either or the flavor of chips I wanted or the razors I was looking for.  Damn, someone must be just ahead of me with the same coupons and is buying everything out before I can.  I went ahead and drove to another Wal*Mart and found the flavor of chips I was looking for.  I only had 3 coupons left for them so I grabbed 4 bags and read my coupon, to which it stated that I was only allowed one per purchase.  I didn't want to risk the cashier telling that I could only use one, so I left the 2 extra bags close by so I could come back in.  While I was looking the chips, would you believe I ran into the same Frito Lay man, again?  I asked him if I had just seen him at the Albertson's and he said yes and it was obvious that I was there looking for that flavor.  I was a bit embarrassed and walked away sheepishly.  I was able to find the refreshers at this Wal*Mart so I made 2 or 3 trips in this store as well.  By this time I have lost track of how many times I had gone in and out of each Wal*Mart.  I finally decided to come home.  It was 2pm after all.  I got home and sorted everything out and restocked the kitchen pantry with the canned dog food.  Sometimes I think my animals eat better than I do or at least I spend more money on them than I do myself sometimes.

Now that I sit here trying to catch everyone up on my day, I sit here realizing that I'm not starving nor hungry in the least bit but I will cook my chicken thighs so I have something to eat in the morning.  I may just have a salad for this evening or in a little bit.  Okay I lie, I just had some dried plums so that's probably why I'm not that hungry.  This may be TMI, but after I ate that huge chicken breast for breakfast, I soon had to go poop.  That rarely happens but from what I understand, that is how our bodies are suppose to work.  Once something comes in, somethings gotta come out.  I know that that doesn't happen often and that's why many of us carry so much waste in our guts because our bodies are functioning at its peak performance when it should.  I just remembered that I had wanted to go to Sprouts this morning but I decided not to since their specials weren't that great and I don't have anymore room for fresh produce in my fridge so I didn't make it out there.  There's always next week.