Sunday, May 27, 2012

R3P3D18 Cheat Day!!

Round 3 Phase 3 Day 18
Starting Weight on 03/26/2012: 174.8
LIW: 159.8
Yesterday's Wt: 159.2
Today's Wt: 158.8
Today's LOSS/GAIN: -0.4lb
R3 Total Loss to Date: -16 lbs

I took a nice 3 hour nap yesterday then I felt extra lazy after I awoke.  There was hardly anything to watch on TV and I really didn't feel like cooking.  I ended up snacking on about 2 tablespoons full of peanut butter.  I went to bed by 10pm.

Guess my body was used to the Saturday cheats because I did not drop hardly anything probably because I didn't eat anything either.  I didn't cheat yesterday so I could cheat today.  Or I am definitely ovulating.  I awoke today with hip pain, the same pain I used to get when I was heavier.  Needless to say, I woke up originally at 5am but felt that was too early, especially for my day off.  I tried to go back to sleep but that was only for about 45 minutes.  I tried again but finally dragged myself out of bed around 6:30am, since my cat obviously knew I was awake and she was shaking my door for me to get up. I also went ahead and got up so I could water my front yard.  I watered and trimmed back my lantanas since they were starting to block the walkway.  I tried to trim my palm trees however they are too tall now and I can't reach them.  I came inside and had some coffee and looked over the specials for the new week.  Nothing really caught my eye but I ended up going to Wal*Mart so use up my last 3 coupons for the BBQ sauce.  I also found some Venus razors that were pretty inexpensive and I had 2, $2 off coupons for them.  I also bought some Angus beef Nathan's franks.  Then I came home and reviewed the rest of the ads.  I saw that CompUSA ad and they had a 32GB flash drive on sale for $19.99.  It was already 9:30am so I headed out and drove straight there.  I arrived in 20 minutes taking the long route.  They allowed everyone in early but I knew where I had to go.  Needless to say I forgot my ad so I didn't have the coupon. The cashier was helpful but her computer was working like mine, very, very slow.  Since I didn't have my ad, I had to go and look for one at a convenience store.  OK, I just borrowed the CompUSA ad since the store didn't have any.  I went back and the cashier was waiting for me since I had her hold the item for me.  Now I know it might sound a little crazy that I went that early and did what I did but this store is infamous for not having the item later in the day.  I've gone to that store at 3pm and they were always out of the flash drives I was looking for.  These flash drives are usually only on sale Sunday & Monday and they are always out of them by the time I arrive. I also noticed that they only had 3 or 4 in stock.  So this time, I made sure I was one of the first ones in the store.  Now I feel bad because I should have bought my daughter a wireless router for my mother's house, ooops!!  After I got my flash drive (very happy now), I drove to Dollar General to get some dish soap that was on sale.  I couldn't find it so the cashier was nice enough to go look in the back.  She could only find the Ajax and not the Palmolive.  I had a coupon and she gave me the bad news.  My coupon was expired!!  Ugh, how stupid of me and man was I embarrassed.  Since I was so embarrassed, I bought the darn thing anyway.  I really wanted the Palmolive because I know those coupons are still good.  I drove to that food place and bought my soupy tacos.  I bought 3 orders of tacos and 1 order of french fries.  I stopped at another Dollar General and they too didn't have the Palmolive, even after looking in the "back".  They told me to try later today or even tomorrow because it may be in the stockroom hidden somewhere.  I have till the end of the week and my coupons don't expire until June 8th.  I got home by 11:30am and started eating my soupy tacos.  I could only get 2 orders down and the fries.  I forgot how these soupy tacos "clean" me out.  I've already had a trip to the bathroom and have "evacuated" anything in their way.  So as I sit here and type, I try to find something to watch on television just to get out of cleaning my kitchen, LOL.  Since I don't have a three day weekend like most people, I have to make do with my time off.  On a good note, I do get a three day weekend this weekend coming up.  Saturday I have a bowling tournament and that takes all day.  Haha, I found an all day marathon of Doomsday Preppers and Criminal Minds.

I know I allowed myself my cheat day today but I already feel horrible after eating those tacos.  I realize now how much my mentality and physical need for food has changed.  I used to eat like this before but now I feel yucky and I feel a headache coming on.  My allergies have also been stirred.  It takes cheat days to realize how bad I used to feel by the junk foods I used to normally eat.  Now I sit here and enjoy a Klondike bar.  Have a great day and enjoy your weekend.