Saturday, May 26, 2012

R3P3D17 Too Good To Be True

Round 3 Phase 3 Day 17
Starting Weight on 03/26/2012: 174.8
LIW: 159.8
Yesterday's Wt: 157.6
Today's Wt: 159.2
Today's LOSS/GAIN:  +1.6lbs
R3 Total Loss to Date:  -15.6

I knew it was too good to be true.  I adjusted my scale yesterday and when I stepped on it this morning and saw the huge jump, I figured it was the scale being off.  I knew I ate a bit more than normal yesterday but nothing off protocol.  Just maybe that my chicken last night may have been over seasoned.  I also had some creamed spinach so who knows what happened yesterday.  My BAB consisted of 3 chicken thighs this morning.  Since my partner is out, no Mexican pastries so no cheating as of yet.  I am debating whether to go ahead and have my cheat day or just wait till tomorrow.  I know that when I wake tomorrow, my weight will be down only because I get to sleep in as long as I don't cheat today.  However, I just got a craving for some soupy tacos that are sold at an exclusive place here in town. Ugh, I don't know what to do.  I was able to escape on time today from work.  I ran a quick errand to Kmart during my shift to get some more Oreos.  I don't know why I keep buying them, I'm not eating them.  So if I decide to cheat, I will be having some.  Whataburger even sounds good, haven't had that in forever it seems like.  Today was just as uneventful as yesterday.  I know I'm just stress craving because of all the work I've had to do the past 3 days but as long as I'm just thinking about, it's not causing me any harm.  I slept very well last night, so well, that I awoke at some point and checked the clock because I felt that I had overslept.  Turns out, I had only been asleep for about an hour.  I fell back asleep, and awoke again because I thought for sure, I overslept, it was midnight.  Then I awoke again at 2am, sleeping soundly each time.  I heard my phone ring as if I had received a text, so I figured it was already 4am but when I checked my phone it was 2:55am.  It was my daughter explaining to me that someone had rang the doorbell and if she could call the police.  I kinda ignored the text and awoke finally at 3:45 am and responded.  She was upset because as she put it, she was half dead now since I responded so late. She didn't answer the door so I explained to her that it was probably some punk kids with nothing better to do than bother people at that ridiculous hour.

I feel I'm ovulating as well because I felt that twinge on my left side so maybe that's adding to my bump in weight.  I'm off to ponder what to eat or do about today but first, a nap!!