Friday, January 4, 2008

R2P3 It's Friday

Week 3 of Phase 3
Wt: 174.6 LIW: 168.2
6.4 lbs OVER LIW

I was so happy to leave work yesterday, I was not happy to be here, I wanted to sleep in!! I didn't even stop at Kohl's to look at some pans I wanted. I went straight home and it looked like my daughter had just woken up. That's okay, she's still on break from school till Monday. I didn't eat any lunch yesterday just some tostadas that one of the girls here at work gave me and I did have a blueberry cake donut in the morning with my coffee. I got home around 2:30pm and realized I hadn't taken anything out for dinner. I started defrosting some ground beef and by 4:00pm, it was somewhat defrosted. I browned the meat, added some boiled cubed potatoes, onions, garlic and some Goya seasoning. Dinner was done! I ate my portion with tostadas and added some cheddar cheese to mine and asked my daughter if she wanted cheese. She looked at me and sarcastically said, "No, I'm not a cheese fanatic like you!" I told her that she was not that of my womb and to leave my house!! I was just kidding and so was she. I always wonder about her, she doesn't like chocolate and she doesn't like cheese or corn tortillas. I wonder sometimes if they gave me the wrong child, but since she and I were the only ones in the labor and delivery floor, I guess she is mine. She doesn't like a lot of the foods I like which is kinda cool because if I buy chocolate bars, I don't have to worry about them disappearing from the fridge when I'm not home. She does like Snickers but that's about it oh, and Jolly Ranchers. Sorry, not much to write about today about the protocol. I'm still awaiting my supplies to arrive, then I can really concentrate on a start date. For me, the sooner the better, but there's still a lot of cheese in the fridge. Guess I should start freezing it for the next Phase 3.

Crystal, I hear ya, I myself have trouble with them pesky dishes, but that Dawn Direct foam has done wonders to help me do the dishes right away.
Biz, unfortunately, I'm not hungry in the morning until the afternoon, so I'm not eating as much as I should. As for weighing myself later in the morning, I start drinking coffee as soon as I get to work, so I think that will throw my numbers off as well. We do have a weigh scale here at work in the gym, but I don't want to be caught naked in there!!
Becca, I'm trying really hard with her about chores, I basically told her that if she didn't start helping me around the house, when she turns 18, she is outta there. That seems to motivate her a bit because she doesn't want to move out. I told her that if she doesn't go to college, she has to move out as well, I will not support her if she is doing nothing. For some reason, she thinks she's some princess and I am to be at her beck and call. Haaa!!


Lili said...

"You are not that of my womb so leave my house!!!!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THAT'S one to remember!

He he.

Becca said...

Oh Mary you're cracking me up again too. And just the thought of you sneaking in to weigh yourself naked at the WORK gym had me giggling like a girl!
I've been on P3 for only 2 weeks and I'm already wanting to go back on P2 too (two too he he). I'm going to try to take a 4 week break though. My plan is to start up on the 20th when Biz and JPS start again, but since my husband is going to go on P2 with me, we will have to work around his schedule.
Hope your stuff comes soon, but if you could start with us, that'd be fun too!

BizAdventure said...

HA! I had to laugh! There are times when I think the same thing about my daughter, but then I see all the things that we are similar on and I have to laugh. I am like, why did you have to pick THAT to be like mommy about??? Couldn't you pick my GOOD qualities??? ROFL

It would be so great if you could start when me and Becca start...we will be like this cool group or something! Maybe, just MAYBE Ms Lili might be able to join us too!!!