Wednesday, January 9, 2008

R2P4D3 Soooo Ready for P2

Week 1 of Phase 4 Day 3
Wt: 174.8 LIW: 168.2
6.6 lbs OVER LIW

Okay, so I haven't been making the best food choices. Geez, this sounds like the beginning of a recent post. Anyway, I had leftovers yesterday for lunch, mexican macaroni with cheese and ground beef. When I got home from work, I made some guacamole and had it with some Fritos. Then I had some Symphony chocolate with almonds and toffee. After my daughter got home from school, I announced that it was tv dinner day since I forgot to take something out to defrost. I still had a tv dinner myself, of salsibury steak and mashed potatoes. Please understand it was a small tv dinner. I still snacked on a few Snyder's peanut butter pretzel sandwiches, very few. So overall I am maintaining at this weight but not really liking it. So on to Phase 2 very soon. I have been bringing the "bad" food to work just so I can get rid of it. These guys will eat anything!!

I watched Biggest Loser last night and became upset. I watched these couples struggling with ridiculous exercise regimens and I didn't see what their diets consisted of. I felt so bad for them. The men were losing a good amount of pounds for 1 week but the women struggled. The women only lost one or none. One woman gained a pound and another actually lost 6 pounds in one week, that was a shocker. Anyway, I felt bad for the couple that got kicked off. I thought the show was about competing to lose the most weight not to compete to stay on the show as well. So once you're kicked off, its completely up to you to continue the routine or just do as you please. The couple that was kicked off actually did make changes to their way of eating when they got home and managed to continue losing weight. The other thing that amazed me was when the couples were taken to a room and shown what they were consuming on a daily basis and adding it up to their yearly intake. That was amazing!! One person was consuming 261.4 pounds (guesstimate) of sugar a year. Wow, when you put it that way, it made a huge difference in seeing exactly what you are eating. This person was drinking 6-8 cans of soda per day as well as a few cookies per day. It sure added up and they realized that they were killing themselves. It's funny how we rationalize what we eat on a daily basis such as, just a couple of cookies a day won't hurt. Once you add it up for a year's consumption, it does hurt.
Enough for now!!

Biz, you can not believe how ready I am for Phase 2. I hope these 6-7 lbs come off fairly quickly when I start up again.


TNgal80 said...

WOW!! Over 200 lbs of sugar a year? But looking at myself honestly, I am sure I was close to that too. Sweet tea was my killer. I just have to start getting unsweet and using Stevia more regularly. It is simply a concious choice.

I sometimes hate those hard core weightloss programs where the people almost "kill" themselves with diet and exercise. There is one extreme then there is another. I like a solid middle ground. :D

Nice post Mary!!


cb9094 said...

All I can say Mary, is that you will HATE those 6-7 pounds if you don't get them off before P2. It is so painful to watch the weight I gained while on P3P4 slowly come off, miserable. As far as the sugar, I use to drink a 2 liter bottle of coke or Mt. Dew a day. Can you imagine what I was doing to my body? I just hope some of the damage can be un-done! Thanks for the story....

BizAdventure said...

Good grief! I can't watch reality programs whatsoever, I get too nervous for the people!

Did you ever decide when your starting P2 again?

Becca said...

Mary, great blog! We were sure on the same wavelength today as you will see when you read my blog. I had just read the "Half my size" stories in people magazine and was thinking how it's too bad they didn't know about HCG! They all did it the hard way!