Monday, January 14, 2008

R2P4D8 To Inject or Not

Week 2 of Phase 4 Day
Wt: 175.8 LIW: 168.2
7.6 lbs OVER LIW

I'm a bad girl. I decided to play hooky for the whole day! I get next Monday off as well. Anyway yesterday's menu was more bad choices. I had my usual raspberry shortbread cookies with coffee. We had taquitos for lunch and waffles and sausage links for dinner. I'm still trying to rid the house of all bad food. There are lots of potato chips still here so I guess I'll have to take those to work when I go back.

So my supplies should be here today and I'm wondering if I should just inject once they get here. Seeing as the first 2 days of injections are moot, I don't see if that should hurt me and I can start VLCD on Wednesday.

I'm taking psycho kitty to the vet today. Thank goodness, some peace and quiet for the next few days.

That's it for today since yesterday I didn't do anything but loaf around and watch TV.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by, glad ya'll like the new layout!!


TNgal80 said...

Me too me too! I loafed all day...but doesnt it feel good at times? LOL
I watched that TV show "Psych". LOL I love that dang show. :P

How long have you been off of P2? I forget....heck I can barely keep up with myself. LOL Just make sure it has been long enough. I am not starting until Feb 1. I made sure I had a nice LOOOONGGGG break. :P

Take care sweets...and hugs for ya!

Crystal :D

BohemianBlue said...

just stopping by... by the way did you know that I'm terrible at responding in a timely fashion? Lol, sorry 'bout that. Anyways hope you're doing well on the protocol!

Becca said...

Hi Mary, just checking in. sounds like you've had a rough couple of days. Hope things get better soon. Maybe you'll be back on P2 tomorrow and losing again! I'm starting this weekend so I'll be right behind you. Hang in there...