Friday, January 25, 2008


Round 3 Week 2 of Phase 2 Day 11
TodayLIW: 168.2
Yesterday's Wt: 170.4
Today's Wt: 170.6
0.2 lbs GAIN overnight

Yesterday's menu (I was bad):

  • B: 12oz. coffee, 1/2 & 1/2, 2 pkts Splenda, 12oz. black coffee and a Cherry Mash candy (yikes, never had I before and don't care for another)
  • L: Chicken Caesar salad from Wendy's w/o dressing or croutons (they ran out), a few tostadas w/salsa, 2 small cookies
  • D: leftover potato chips (my daughter was 1 hour overdue from school), seedless cuke w/ACV Dijon dressing (tasted like crisp pickles), later a skinless rotisserie chicken thigh (my daughter wanted the skin so that helped me resist)

Yes, everyone in unison, please...................... Oh, stop you're making me cry!!!

I didn't get up until 7 this morning with only one disruption at 3:30am because that's what time I normally or abnormally get up to get ready for work. It is foggy here this morning which is also a rare occurrence. My day yesterday went a little better after I spoke to my Sargeant about the situation that occurred the day before yesterday and he talked to the guys about it. Of course after the shift meeting a couple of guys came and started teasing me about it, which was not cool but whatever!! I decided to go to Sam's after work rather than this morning to get my birthday meal supplies.


I bought avocados, red & yellow peppers, mushrooms, Monterrey Jack cheese (2lbs), a rotisserie chicken, grape tomatoes, ground beef and some more Hoodia. (The Hoodia is being clearanced out for some reason, need to research why). Wow, I need to eat a lot in the next couple of days. So for breakfast I will have an omelet of eggs, ham, peppers, mushrooms, onions and cheese!! For lunch will be a salad with shredded rotisserie chicken and unknown dressing, I forgot to buy some blue cheese dressing. Dinner with be that butterflied chicken breast with sauteed red & yellow peppers, mushrooms and Mont Jack cheese melted on top with a side of steamed cauliflower. I had my sweets yesterday so not sweet stuff today, I like food better than birthday cake or cookies. Hey, maybe I should pick up some low fat cottage cheese and strawberries and have that as my birthday treat, hmmmmm, makes me wonder, that way if I have some left over, I could still use it when I start P2 again!

I had called my father yesterday to let him know that I would be off today and if he could please do me the favor of taking my daughter to school like he normally does, and he just burst out laughing! I didn't understand why so I explained to him that I wanted to just sleep in and relax today, so he complied. So this morning since I got up early anyway, I was in the kitchen making a pot of coffee and he came in and commented on the coffee, I offered, he declined and gave me a hug for my birthday! He asked me how old I was and I gently replied, "28", the look on his face was priceless!! He looked so dumbfounded I wanted to laugh. He finally realized I was joking and told me, "you wish!!". He knows how old I am. He didn't notice the weight loss but then again I was wearing baggy warm-ups, a thermal shirt and a sweatshirt over that so I guess that would make it hard to tell, but I think you can tell in my face but whatever!!

Well, today will certainly be a test and I know everyone is watching and waiting. I myself am curious to see what happens. Everyone have a great day and I am going to go shopping later for myself!!

  • Crystal, yes it got better but you know how men are, not sure if I had emotional issues as well, but we won't tell them that, shhhh!
  • Biz, ah yes, inquiring minds want to know. I will jot down as many notes as I can throughout the day and report to everyone in the late morning!!
  • Jen, yes today is the day I indulge!! Hoodia seems to help me but if I'm stressing, its worthless. I'll shoot you an email about what I do, that's a whole other blog, mmmm that gives me an idea.
  • Monica thanks for the warm well wishes, I slept better last night and today will be a better day!!
  • Becca, thank you as well, funny, "hope your interruption goes as planned", that pun is too funny girlfriend!

Well, off to enjoy the rest of my day!! Thank you everyone for stopping by and all the birthday wishes are joyfully accepted and appreciated!!


EweWho said...

Happy Birthday, Mary!

I've just discovered your blog and will spend some time going back and catching up on you.

Have a great day!

BizAdventure said...

Hey girl, not to bad considering what you ate. Be careful tho, don't harm this break with JUNK! Eat GOOD food ok???

Ed & Jennifer said...

Isn't that just like Biz always here to keep us in check, not me....I say-

(just kidding)

Have a wonderful day and enjoy all your yummy food you mean-ee!

BTW, my email is je_mcnair at yahoo dot com!

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday to YOU! I hope you have a great day! WAY to go on the LOSS!!!

TNgal80 said...

LOL in other words Biz says, "Dont be like Crystal!!" HAHA!!

Have a good one sweets and know that we are keeping you in our thoughts. :D

HUGS and Happy BIRTHDAY!!!!! :D


Becca said...

Mary, my mouth was watering with your birthday dinner menu description. I hope you savor every bite. Glad that the cake isn't what you're craving because that will do you in girl! And I'm sure your dad was laughing because you're much YOUNGER than 28!!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! Your birthday menu sounds WONDERFUL, and really is healthy. I mean, you're not doing the junk/sweets route -- good for you!

Regarding the hoodia -- as I understand it, there are a few different species of it, and the only one that really worked for appetite suppresion was the south african kind that the bushmen used -- hoodia gordonii, and only the hoodia gordonii grown in that region of the world. Being the new hot thing, dozens of companies started selling hoodia, not the right genus, and grown in other areas of the world, that didn't work. So the hoodia craze seems to have died down. I got some of the good stuff, very expensive (god, sounds like I'm doing heroin or something!) and, while it worked, a cup of coffee works just as well for me. Anyhow. Here's a bit more info --

Enjoy celebrating your birth and the miracle of being here on this earth!