Saturday, January 12, 2008

R2P4D6 Yesterday's Bad Afternoon

Week 1 of Phase 4 Day 6
Wt: 174.2 LIW: 168.2
6.0 lbs OVER LIW

My nose is really stuffy this morning. Ok, first off, I am pissed off because yesterday when I got off work, I decided to go to JC Penny to look for a hoodie that they were advertising (didn't find it), so then I went to 3 different Walgreen's to exchange a mascara that I purchased because they gave me waterproof and I don't like waterproof. All three were out of the mascara in black, errrrrgh!! So as I'm driving up my street I see the UPS truck down the block from my house and I think nothing of it. I come inside and find that the cats have made a mess of my bathroom by knocking over shampoo bottles and such that were on the rim of my tub. As I proceed to the living room I find that they knocked over my pothos plant and the terra cotta pot is shattered to pieces and there is potting soil everywhere. I was absolutely LIVID. The bathroom scene I could handle but my plant? I was so pissed that I didn't even want to cook dinner so I made a sandwich. Did I mention that I had been exhausted all day?! I finally get around to unlocking the door so my daughter could come in when she came home from school and guess what? There was a note on my door from UPS stating they tried to deliver my supplies. Can we say I was through the roof?! I couldn't exactly go after him since I had already spent 45 minutes trying to clean up. (Stick a fork in me cause I am done!!) As exhausted as I was throughout the day, I was not in a bad mood at work or at the fact that every store I went to was out of what I wanted. Did I mention that the station manager called off sick as well and who has to do his job when he's out? You guessed it, me! It didn't matter, it made my day go by faster so it was no big deal. To top it all off my daughter arrives 1/2 an hour late from school. But I was not upset with her because she would not have wanted to be home when I was screaming, yelling, cursing, etc., at the cats, so I blew it off that she was late. I just reread the note this morning that they will attempt again on Monday between 2 and 5 pm. Now this puts me in a bind because I have to take the kitten in for his neutering that he so desperately needs and he needs to be dropped off before 5. Hopefully he will be by around the same time as yesterday so I can come straight home after work. I forgot to use my work address as the ship to address rather than using my billing address. Ugh!
I just hope today will be better. I slept really good last night. I went to bed at 8:30 and didn't get up until 7am. I really thought the scale would have a surprise for me this morning since I slept soo much, but no, I'm holding steady here.
Breakfast yesterday was of course my raspberry shortbread cookies with coffee (after I had the cookies I felt like I was going to toss my cookies), lunch was same as Thursday's, stir fried rice and vegetables with strips of chicken. Dinner was a ham and provolone cheese with avocado sandwich and some potato chips. Later I had a small piece of Symphony chocolate with toffee chips and almonds. My water intake was pathetic yesterday as well. Oh, at work we started a water club. We all pitch in and now we have a new water cooler. Yes, the station is too cheap to get this because they feel they provide water already with water fountains and a kitchen faucet. Blech!!

Crystal, yes unfortunately these shortbread cookies are so detectable that I need to finish the box before I start up P2 again or else I will be in trouble!!
Biz, since I missed the UPS man yesterday, I guess it will be later in the week that I begin. I am really starting to stress and this coming week doesn't seem to be any better.

Wish me luck girls!!


Renee said...

Even though it can sometimes get discouraging, holding steady isn't always a bad thing. I held steady over my LIW many times, and I took it as where my body wanted to be & just went with it even though it was several pounds over.

Sorry to hear about your stressful day. I hope your weekend is much more relaxing. And that your supplies get to you on Monday! :)