Thursday, January 10, 2008

R2P4D4 Getting Ready

Week 1 of Phase 4 Day 4
Wt: 174.2 LIW: 168.2
6.0 lbs OVER LIW

Wow, I actually had a small drop from yesterday and again my food choices were not so hot. I had 2 small packages of raspberry shortbread cookies right after I clocked in for work. Later, someone brought Mexican sweet bread and I had one. I could not resist!! I bit into it and it was like biting into a cloud!! The bread was so soft, I just couldn't believe it. Anyway, then for lunch I had a budget gourmet frozen dinner of ziti parmesano. It wasn't that great but it was enough to fill me up for lunch. I took a Hoodia capsule before leaving work because the bottle says to take it 1 hour before eating. After I got home, I made a balogna sandwich with provolone cheese along with some potato chips. I was actually feeling full by the time I finished my sandwich. I decided I would not eat the rest of the evening but I ended up having a PB sandwich on one slice of bread folded.

Anyway, back to the subject from yesterday. I forgot to mention that while watching the show, I felt like walking into the television and tapping all of them on the shoulder and telling them about the protocol. I felt so bad for them but then empathized with them because I had been in a similar situation of working out hard and eating right and NOT losing or losing very little.

Becca, I need to pick up a copy of People and check it out for myself. Yes, it seems we were both on the same wavelength yesterday, cool!
cb9094, thanks for stopping by and I have been thinking about this excess weight when I begin P2. I may just have to chalk it up and and consider this weight as my loading weight.
Biz, I'm hoping to start on Monday but I'm still awaiting my supplies. I've got all the HCG I need but just don't have the mixing syringes, amber bottles, etc., so hopefully really soon I will begin. I am so ready!!! I've been cleaning out the "junk food" by bringing to work. I just hate to throw food away unless its spoiled. Call me a tightwad!
Crystal, thanks for stopping by, I did go off on a tangent or just got on a soapbox yesterday, didn't I? I just needed to vent and put into perspective for myself as they did on the show about how much we really eat on a yearly basis as opposed to just a daily basis.


Becca said...

Wow you're coming down! Way to go! I'm really wanting to start P2 again now. Still undecided about when though. Hope your stuff comes soon.

BizAdventure said...

I am with Becca, hope your stuff comes soon. I know your getting anxious!