Sunday, January 6, 2008

R2P3 Sunday Morning

Week 3 of Phase 3
Wt: 174.6 LIW: 168.2
6.4 lbs OVER LIW

I admit, I did not make the best food choices yesterday. For breakfast I had my coffee, I ran out of half & half and used whole milk. I heated up a Griddle sandwich that my daughter refuses to eat because they are not from Mickey D's. Later I had chips, a Cherry Coke, a small TV dinner of fried rice and an egg roll. I sliced some summer sausage, smoked Gouda and ate that on some Carr's Table Water Garlic & Herb crackers, about 4. My daughter later heated up some chicken nuggets and I had 3. She then ate a PB & J sandwich, so I wanted one but opted for 1 slice of bread with PB only and folded it in half. I kept munching on Pringles most of the evening during the movies we were watching. Oh, did I mention the raspberry shortbread cookies I ate with my coffee while watching my soaps in the afternoon?
I tried to go to bed at around 12:30am but could not because I kept hearing a noise under my bed. My daughter's kitten was having a blast under there. I finally became agitated, turned on the light and looked under there. That frickin' kitten had torn a hole in the material under the box spring!! He was just having a grand ole time tearing it more and more!! I was extremely upset and started yelling. I really get perturbed when I'm falling asleep and the cats decide to play under my bed or in just in my bedroom!! Why oh why, do they do that? (By the way, have I mentioned that I have 4 cats total with the kitten.) He continued after I got him out from under my bed and ran him out but he would just return. I ended up yelling at my daughter because he is her cat and she knew I was trying to go to sleep and she did nothing to control him. She finally became upset and went to her room, slamming her door and locking the kitten and herself in there. I heard him the rest of the night trying to get out and my daughter becoming aggravated by him as well. Needless to say, I didn't get up as early as I wanted to because I didn't actually go to sleep until 2:30am because of that darn kitten.
When I finally got out of bed I released the kitten from my daughter's room. I went to Wal*Mart around 9:30am and bought the paper, my Woman's World magazine and some frozen chicken that was sale!! Then I got some frozen shoestring potatoes, why I don't know, I still have fresh potatoes that I have not eaten. Anyway, I'm just rambling now because I'm tired, not dog tired but just lazy, tired. Does that make sense? Any, I hope my supplies get here tomorrow, I'm ready for P2 again. I need to eat all this bad food in the fridge before I begin again.
Man, reviewing what I ate yesterday, I sure ate a lot!!! I will try not to eat as much today, since I have to weigh in very, very early in the morning. I say this as I eat some raspberry shortbread cookies with my coffee again!! I don't like my coffee with milk, I like half & half. The price of half & half and milk have skyrocketed!! The cheapest place for me to buy half & half is at Sam's but I didn't feel like going there this morning. Way too crowded. I won't be able to buy very much like I usually do since P2 will begin very very soon.

I wanted to join everyone on Jan. 20th, but my birthday is the 25th. I don't want to have to do an interruption so soon after beginning. Or if I wait until after my birthday but I don't know if I can wait that long. Uuggh, decisions, decisions!!


Becca said...

Mary you sound a little out of sorts. All due to a frisky kitten! I'd have been mad about the mattress too! Hope things get better soon...