Monday, April 23, 2012

R3P2D32V26 Ahhh, Mondays Off!

Round 3 Phase 2 Day 32 VLCD 26
0.25ml (125iu) HCG SQ injection #26
Starting Weight on 03/26/2012: 174.8
Yesterday's Wt: 161.6
Today's Wt:162
Today's LOSS/GAIN: +0.4lb
R3 Total Loss to Date: -12.8lbs

Sheesh my body just does not want to go into the 150's.  I know it was a small gain but it may have been from all the kefir I drank yesterday.  I made strawberry, vanilla protein kefir smoothie for my daughter to try but she didn't like it.  She said it was too "tangy"and not sweet enough.  I explained to her that it was good for her and it was just like yogurt only better and more liquidy but she still was still displeased.  I commend her for at least trying it though.  So now I have this huge bottle of this smoothie that is delicious to me, so I will drink it in place of my fruit for today or at least my lunch portion.  I've had a busy morning, I've been to Sam's and three different Wal*Marts because I had awesome coupons for a product that is carried exclusively at Wal*Mart.  Good thing is all these Wal*Marts are close to my home so I didn't drive out of my way to visit each one.  I also found the Melba toast at only two of these Wal*Marts, the other only carried the "snacks" and those are not good for protocol.  Needless to say, I'm well stocked again in groceries.  I love that Sam's carries stevia packets, those are so convenient versus the liquid.  I like both liquid and powder but I'll just use the liquid at home.  I noticed that they also have Almond milk and it is way cheaper than at the grocery store.  I just have to wait until I"m in phase three again and that isn't going to be for a while.

I forgot that yesterday I was munching on rotisserie chicken which is a no-no for phase 2, but I had purchased it on Friday so my daughter would have something to eat when she arrived.  She only eats the legs and wings so I didn't want the chicken to go to waste so I ate the breasts, not at the same time but for the last couple of days that was my protein for the day.  I need to cook my chicken for the week so I have prepared meals versus trying to figure out what to eat at the last minute.  I'm going to go now and figure out where I'm going to put all these groceries at.  I need to separate chicken, ground beef and pork chops (for Phase 3) and freeze them. The pork chops were a steal for me.  On Mondays, Sam's usually puts the meat at a discounted rate since it didn't sell completely over the weekend as they had anticipated, but its a win for me.  I wanted to go to Costco again but time just got away from me.  I don't like going in the afternoon or early evening there, its too hot and it gets packed.  My daughter fell in love with some seaweed chips I bought from there so I need to get her, her own stash to keep while she's away at school.  She says its my fault that she is now addicted to them. Now I'm off to the kitchen and hopefully to some more losses.  Have a great Monday everyone, it's almost over!!