Thursday, April 26, 2012

R3P2D35V29 What? Wow!!

Round 3 Phase 2 Day 35 VLCD 29
0.25ml (125iu) HCG SQ injection # 29
Starting Weight on 03/26/2012: 174.8
Yesterday's Wt: 162
Today's Wt: 160.8
Today's LOSS/GAIN: -1.2lbs
R3 Total Loss to Date: -14.0lbs

Wow!!! I am stunned!! I truly wasn't expecting that this morning especially since I felt I didn't get all my water in early enough during the day, didn't take a nap, went to bed late and I worked out. So I sit here trying to duplicate what I did yesterday.  While I type I munch on a pint of strawberries.  It is warm out today but not as bad as yesterday.  I did get on the treadmill today after work but not for long since I don't want to get all sore before my test on Saturday.  I am nervous about that test but only time will tell how I will succeed that day.  Anyway, even though I felt I didn't get enough water yesterday (tried to make up for it by drinking non-stop during the evening) I was peeing a lot.  Guess my body finally released those water packed fat cells as stated in P&I.  Plus from being sore from Friday my body probably finally released all that water.  I also took some MSM and potassium  to help me after my workout.  There are so many things that I did yesterday, it's hard to pinpoint what worked.  I went to the grocery store again today, what fun.  I also went to my favorite Wal*Mart Neighborhood Market but this time, I got a male cashier and he had no issues with my coupons.  I'm happy again.  I just have to remember to get in line with a male cashier, LOL. So now I'm home pondering about yesterday.