Thursday, June 14, 2012

TOM Is Not Helping!!

Starting Weight on 06/13/2012: 167.2
Yesterday's Wt: 166.2
Today's Wt: 165.2
Today's LOSS/GAIN: -1.0lb
R4 Total Loss to Date: -2.0lbs

After posting yesterday, I realized how severely dehydrated I was.  I knew since Saturday because I began feeling the symptoms but chalked up to being tired from my dog barking at the neighbors all night and morning.  Looking back I now see that my water intake was horrible until I got home from work, that's when I was drinking my water.  I don't have air conditioning in my car so as soon as I get in to drive home from work, I would start to feel drained.  So I stayed home from work again today.  Last night I drank a Powerade Zero.  I nearly chugged the whole thing because my body was craving it.  I drank some more water afterwards.  This morning I had one cup of coffee and started on another Powerade Zero and water. The dehydration was also adding to my back pain because my kidneys were working overtime.  So TOM and dehydration don't mix well.  I feel much better now.  So I should be good to go back to work in the morning.  I need to pack my Powerade Zero with me.  Since TOM was also wreaking havoc for me, I didn't take my dose this morning and may have to wait a bit.  I don't think the sublingual works too well for me.  I just don't feel it does the same job as the injections.  Then again, I keep forgetting my afternoon dose.  Since I've only taken 4 doses, I will still have 28 days worth.  I just give TOM a few more days and start back up.  Or I may have to wait until after the 23rd which I have a tournament to participate in.  Ugh, such decisions!!  I will be eating Paleo/P3 style for these few days.  As I stated before, I don't think the drops or sublingual are working for me.  The only reason I've lost some weight is because I'm finally losing the water retention I get from TOM and my cravings are starting to subside.  I make a trip to Costco this morning to get a few things since my coupons arrived and I had to time to look at them.  There wasn't much to really choose from but I still got a few things.  I also got a rotisserie chicken since it was already getting close to lunch time and I hadn't eaten.  I also picked up some asparagus and baby bellos.  The apples are overpriced or at least I don't remember paying that much for them last time. I came straight home and made no trip to Wal*Mart which was on my original plan as well as Albertson's but decided against both those stores for today.  I already ate some chicken and I'm still drinking my Powerade Zero and water.  Hopefully I get better and more energetic so I can get some things done around here.  I'll start off slowly, just one load of laundry. I don't want to overexert myself, LOL.