Thursday, June 5, 2008

One Day Closer To The Weekend

Round 4 BREAK
Starting Weight on 08.18.07: 197lbs
R3 LIW: 161.4
Starting R4 Wt: 161.8
Yesterday's Wt: 159.8
Today's Wt: 158.8
Today's LOSS/GAIN: -1.0lb

I had another great time at bowling but this time I was being hit on!! Then I find out a little while later that someone was inquiring about my daughter!!! They asked me if I would allow her to date a 19 year old. My answer was NO of course. I also got upset because why couldn't he just come over and ask himself instead of asking his dad to ask my partner to ask me? So grade school!! The guy that was hitting on me had some pretty cheesy lines that now when I think of them, they are hilarious. The funniest one was when he asked me my how old I was. I told him I was 37. His comeback was, "I asked you your age, not your chest size!!" He's much older than me but I need to inquire about this man. I didn't get a very good vibe, ya know what I mean. He wants to take me to dinner but I'm still on the fence about it. We finished pretty early so that was a plus. As my daughter and I were driving home, we were talking about how strange this evening was. I simply stated that I didn't realize this was a meat market, I thought we were there to bowl. She just laughed. This whole hitting on me thing has got me thinking that maybe I should restart the protocol soon. I mean if I can get a sugar daddy to take care of me, of course, he has to have money, then if I lose a bit more weight, I can have some sugar daddies!! But, I'll have to wait till TOM makes his appearance which should be very soon or next week. I'll wait til he's gone because of the disastrous time I had in May.

An officer offered to buy me lunch yesterday so I allowed it. So I skipped dinner so to speak because of my lunch choice. Obviously it was a good thing since I lost a pound.

Yesterday's Menu:
B: mixed berry Trail Mix granola bar, coffee
L: tacos w/shredded beef, refried beans and a few tastes of the Spanish rice (very salty)
S: 2 cool mint oreo cookies, a few chile con limon potato chips

Jennay, yes my egg & donut ratio diet is awesome!! But it only works for me, he he!!

Crystal, mmmmm, everything sounds delish!! Sorry, I didn't get to post a comment on your blog yesterday!! I'll do that today!!

B, you've been a busy woman!! Glad to see you back.

Becca, mmmmm it was even better eating them!! I just gotta wait for TOM and I'll be ready to restart!!


Ed & Jennifer said...

Go get 'em tiger, I mean kitten! Okay the pickup, did he really think that would work?! LOL

Sounds like you've been having fun Marrrray-good for you! That 19 year old MAN that is interested in your daughter needs to go find someone his own age-sheesh, why didn't he ask you out? (hee, hee)

Love ya girl!