Sunday, June 8, 2008

Round 4 Part II Do Over Coming Soon

Round 4 BREAK
Starting Weight on 08.18.07: 197lbs
R3 LIW: 161.4
Starting R4 Wt: 161.8
Yesterday's Wt: 160.2
Today's Wt: 162.2
Today's LOSS/GAIN: +2.0 lbs

I got a wild hair up my ass yesterday. I started to actually clean house. I was so tired and the neighbors were making so much noise that I couldn't even lie down for a cat nap. They were installing a new air conditioning system. Then some workers showed up to the other house next door, which is still for sale by the way, and were working over there. So there was just lots of noise everywhere. My daughter even got up and was yelling at me wanting to know what all the noise was so I explained to her about the air conditioner and she just went back to her room, pissed I might add. So I started tidying up the living room and when she got up, I grilled some hot dogs and toasted the buns the way my daughter likes them. She insists that I just cook the bread for her because she loves the way it tasted toasted on the grill. We ate and I went back to cleaning. I started watching this reality show called "The Academy" on Fox Reality. It is a real eye opener for me because that's what I will have to endure when I join the academy, next year hopefully!! My daughter asked me why I want to join and I explained to her that I already do most of the work that officers do except go out in the field and answer real calls. She feels its safer for me at the station than out in the field. She began to insist one of the recruits, a 40 year old female. She said she was old and she shouldn't be there. I just shot her a look and she didn't get it right away. I think she finally got it, I'm 37 and not that far away for 40, so I took it to mean it was me she was talking about. After the show I made some burgers and buns on the grill and I ate a double cheeseburger with some cheddar and sour cream Lay's potato chips. I didn't drink nearly enough water yesterday because this morning my specimen was a nasty deep yellow almost orange color. Ewwwe!! I can feel when I'm walking too because my fingers get really pudgy and puffy after a couple of laps.

I went to the track this morning and my right shin was killing me. I walk through it but it takes about 6 laps around to finally ease up. I believe it is all the water and salt retention I have because of all the junk food I've been eating. I'm enjoying it all because P2 will start here pretty soon and I want to get all those cravings out of the way now so I can have a successful Round 4 Part II do over.

I'm sure I had more to say but I'm having my woman adult ADHD moment right now. Hope everyone has a great Sunday!!


B's Journey said...

Hey my friend,
Sorry I've been busy lately and trying to catch up with your blog,I also hate hearing noise when I'm trying to sleep or just relax. Well hope they get done soon. Don't sweat the gain. Donuts!! hellooo!!!
You still rock!!
Love Ya

Becca said...

Hey Marygirl, I see you're still up to your old tricks with the donuts and chips... Someday, you'll have to figure out how to negotiate your P3's so you can get done with this protocol. I'm so ready to be finished aren't you?

Hey I just read your previous posts about the player guy at the bowling alley and the son of another guy who wanted to ask your daughter out! Such femme fatale's you two are! Look out for the georgeous mother daughter bowling team!
Knock 'em dead! LOL!