Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Survived Monday, Kinda

Round 4 BREAK
Starting Weight on 08.18.07: 197lbs
R3 LIW: 161.4
Starting R4 Wt: 161.8
Yesterday's Wt: 159.8
Today's Wt: 161.4
Today's LOSS/GAIN: +1.6 lb

I tried to do an egg day yesterday but someone brought donuts and for each egg I had in the morning, I had a donut. At lunch I had another donut with my two eggs. When I got home, I cooked some smoked sausages on the grill but then had some chile con queso with Doritos. I ended up falling asleep on the sofa for a while. It's just so darn hot!! I don't know how I'm going to make it today. I have bowling tonight and I'm trying my egg day again today. Hopefully I'll be a bit more successful since there are no donuts today. I forgot my gym clothes so I won't be using the treadmill today, bad, bad girl!!


Becca said...

Oh Mary! I sometimes have to read your posts with my eyes partly covered because I'm always afraid of what I will see. Your description of the Egg/donut day was just excruciating! I hope you have much better luck today.
I've just read your last several days worth of posts and it sounds like you're having lots of fun bowling. How is your new ball doing for you?
When are you going back to P2? I started yesterday and feel good so far!
Take care....