Friday, November 30, 2007

R2P2 Day 9 Gain 0.2lbs

Beginning weight 08.18.07 Wt: 197 (old scale)
Ending R1P2 10.18.07 Wt: 173 (old scale)
Wt: 173.2 LIW: 173 (old scale)
0.9ml (150iu) HCG 9th Injection IM

Well, I decided to play hooky from work today (bad, bad girl). TOM decided to show up while I was at work yesterday, which explains why I was so crabby. After dinner yesterday, I had horrible carb and salt cravings. So instead of doing my Callahan techniques, I gave in. I ate some vinegar and salt chips with hot sauce and finished a bag of melba rounds I had left, about 10-12 rounds. I did this after I avoided all temptation at work. There were 2 huge pecan pies in the breakroom while I was eating my sad lunch. I stayed away but then I get home and do this. I even avoided the Krispy Kreme donuts on Tuesday that were brought and put in MY work area. I felt full after I ate the melba rounds and then guilt set in later. I'm happy to see only a .2 gain but still that is no reason for doing what I did. I'll just blame TOM!! I'll give myself the injection today so I may skip tomorrow since that will be my heaviest day. We'll just have to wait and see.

I was reading my blog archive from 10.24.07 the day I received my new digital scale. I remember weighing myself and it told me 175.4. I thought "what the fu**!!" I hated that scale that evening and hugged my old scale for at least lying to me and making me feel better. Ha, who's fooling who? Then my daughter decided she wanted to weigh herself on the new scale and it read 97.something. I told her I hated her. I was just playing. Poor thing, she's only 4"11", and the doctor told her she would grow no taller than that. How sad. I can feel her pain since I'm only 5"00". Wow, a whole inch taller than her! So that's why I'm working on getting my weight down. My frame is so small and this weight is literally holding me down. My daughter has noticed my weight loss but is tired of me constantly telling her how much I've lost. Which reminds me, on Thanksgiving Day, I saw many of my family members from my mother's side, who haven't seen for a long while, and no one noticed!! I guess since I was wearing my Thanksgiving attire, of huge warm-ups (which fit very baggy now), a black shirt (form fitting and slimming), and still no one noticed. I wore the warm-ups because I knew I would be loading and needed room for my tummy to expand. Oh, well, I know what the scale says and how much better I feel so no biggie. Now for Christmas, they better notice or I'm disowning all of them!! Just kidding, bless their hearts!!

Breakfast: black coffee w/chocolate raspberry stevia
Lunch: tilapia and cabbage soup
Dinner: London broil and onions w/too many grissini


Becca said...

Ha! I can totally relate to hating your new scale. I went through the same thing. I will have to tell my search for the "Holy Scale" story soon before I forget all the funny parts.
Too bad about the gain, but you're right for as naughty as you were, you got of easy with just .2 gain girly! LOL! Hang in there it's bound to get better.