Saturday, December 1, 2007

R2P2 Day 10 Gain 0.6 lbs

Wt: 173.8 LIW: 173 (old scale)
1.0ml of HCG (166.6iu) 10th Injection IM

Well, yesterday I suffered from some really bad munchies again. So pigged out on grissini and snuck a few Pringles in as well, and had more protein than I should have. I also bought some apple sauce cups with no sugar added, and ate 1 after lunch and 1 before dinner. Bad, I know, but TOM is horrible this time around. I started taking some magnesium yesterday and potassium because my legs are feeling like they want to cramp up. Especially when I am ready for bed. Hopefully today I can do much better. Guess I won't be the winner this week for the P2 Thanksgiving Crew, haaaa!
I cooked a London Broil on the grill yesterday before the rain hit, so I'll have plenty of red meat for this week. I need to try the celery soup this weekend, that Amy suggested. I bought so much that it will probably wilt before I finish it all.
I do fine during the day with no hunger but once the sun sets the hunger demon comes out. I need to have a seance or exorcism of this demon so I can finish this short round. My other problem is my work schedule. I've brought this up before but it makes a difference. Before, I would work from 1pm to 10pm and that worked out great. I would eat my lunch at 11am before I went to work, once at work I would have my apple at 3pm, then dinner would be at 6pm or 7pm and I would be set for the rest of the evening. Once I got off work, I'd get home and go to bed since i would get up at 6 or 7 am to get my daughter to school, then run errands. It worked out great. Now I go in at 5:30am and my whole schedule is off. I take my lunch and eat at about 10am, I get home at 3pm and start my dinner. I should stop watching television, I think that's the problem. All the food commercials and all. Then I can't even get on the computer once my daughter gets home, she has online projects for school to get done (personal stuff too, I'm sure) so I just watch television and work on crossword puzzles. Hopefully I can get past this demon monster soon!!! Maybe after TOM is gone!! My daughter came home on Thursday and told me TOM visited her too!! Strange, we both started the same day and almost at the same time!!

Breakfast: black coffee w/chocolate raspberry stevia
Snack: Wavy chips with hot sauce
Lunch: London Broil and pressure cooked cabbage, sprinkled with just a little Creole seasoning
Dinner: small sliver of London Broil, more cabbage, grissini (too many)


Amy's hCG Blog said...

My sympathies on TOM. I feel certain that these cravings are hormonally related. I am sending you vibes that these pass soon. You are dealing great with that work schedule! I think the night time demon would be with me too if I couldn't eat dinner in the evening. That must be hard.

I hope the supplements help your cramps. Magnesium should help that.

I used to chop my celery by hand, but I'm a slow chopper - took me much longer to prepare my meals. Now I mass chop & find a way to freeze it in liquids.

I wonder if you ever try the ketostix. I'm still thinking about trying this. It might be nice to have feedback besides the scale.

BizAdventure said...

I did the ketostix during my first round, out of curiosity more than anything else - and it was very cool to see it turn the dark purple that it did. I hardly ever saw that color on Atkins.

TOM is awful, but I am thankful I never really dealt with cravings with my TOM, just horrible, horrible cramps! UGH! Hmmm, deal with cravings or cramps, I will take the cramps. What cures cravings??? Sorry Mary.

I love the new blog theme!

Becca said...

Too bad about the little gain. I hope you can get back on track once TOM leaves you alone!
Don't feel too bad about not winning this weeks biggest loser of the TG crew. I'm sure I won't either, mostly because I'm not a fast loser. Guys usually do better than women anyway. I'll probably be Marshall. So hang in there and maybe you'll catch up tomorrow!