Sunday, December 16, 2007

R2P2 Day 25 No Loss/No Gain

Wt: 167.8 LIW: 168.2
No Injection 48 hours

It is sooo cold here this morning, 29 degrees. I know some people are scoffing, but I live in the desert, so this is very unusual!! Another sign of global warming. I tried to go to Sam's early this morning but apparently they don't open till 10 am, even for the golden key members!! I'll have to go back tomorrow, I don't want to venture out again today!! I have been so cold the last couple of days.
I took measurements today, will post as soon as I get home!! Stop by work to pick up my lunch box from Friday. Sorry for all the ranting yesterday, I just couldn't handle it. I fought all day with my daughter yesterday, but what else is new when you have a teenager in the house!!

I may have to start R2P3 today, I feel extremely hungry, which I didn't experience during R1P3. Since I feel my batch lost its potency since Wednesday or Thursday, today would be the 72 hour mark, even tomorrow. I'll add in a few more items today before I breakout the cheese, bacon, fried eggs, steak, avocados, etc. I just reheated my cabbage soup which I added celery and cilantro. Today I added some Italian squash, yummo!! I am really cold which could also be a hint that I need to add fat back into my diet!!

09/08/07 10/28/2007 12/16/2007 Total Lost since beginning protocol
Waist 43" 41" 39" Total: 4 inches
Hips 48" 45" 44" Total: 4 inches
Thighs Rt: 26" Lt: 26" Rt: 24" Lt: 25" Rt: 24" Lt: 24.5" Total: 2 inches & 1.5 inches
Arms Rt: 16" Lt: 15.5" Rt: 13.5" Lt: 14.5" Rt: 13" Lt: 13" Total: 3 inches & 2.5 inches
Chest 46" 38" 38" total: 8 inches ??
Bust n/a 44.5" 44" Total: 0.5 inches

I hope these are not too confusing, I wasn't able to paste from the clipboard, but you should be able to get the gist of it. Blogger doesn't allow all the spaces I've added. I've decided to take a break till the new year and till my order comes in from I took advantage of their free shipping special last week but I haven't received a tracking number. I will call them today.

Must go wash more laundry that I didn't finish yesterday and get ready for my day tomorrow. I have to start going in 1/2 an hour earlier than I used to, but at least I get out a 1/2 hour earlier as well.

Breakfast: 2 cups coffee with choco. raspberry stevia and 1/2 & 1/2
Lunch: cabbage chili soup w/meatless Boca ground burger
Snack: melba toast w/Laughing Cow lite spreadable cheese
Dinner: Banquet tv dinner: corndog, fries, corn and a brownie (very small portions)

I know I did bad for dinner but I was starving!!!


BizAdventure said...

Sounds like you got it all under control my friend. Good for you. Next year it will all work out for you, I guarantee it!

Becca said...

So P3 here you are again! Good for you What are you using for your LIW or "Last Injection Weight" for this round? I'm not sure what you mean with the LIW 173 that you have been showing at the top of your posts. I'm only used to seeing that abbreviation used for last injection weight, but have seen it used differently by a couple of people recently. So maybe you can clue me in! LOL!
Good luck with your P3!
Oh, one more thing. I'm freezing here too! Must have something to do with the HCG and lower body fat. I'm in Arizona and even though we are a little colder than usual, (60's during the day, 40's at night) and my husband never turns on the heat, it shouldn't be that bad for me. Last year I was going through Hot flashes so I shouldn't complain! LOL!