Tuesday, December 11, 2007

R2P2 Day 20 Gain 0.2lbs

Wt: 168.2 LIW: 173(old analog scale)
1.0ml HCG (166.6iu) IM 20th Injection

I don't know what is going on, I don't think I drank enough water yesterday. My scale is acting up. I got on it 5 times!! I got on the first time and it gave me 168.2, didn't like that so I moved it, then it said 166.4, then I realized that all fours were not touching the floor. I moved it again, then it finally stuck to 168.2lbs. I guess my bathroom floor is not exactly flat. I certainly do feel the inches coming off though. I took some pants out of the dryer and put them on. Usually all my pants shrink a little after being washed and dried, but they sure felt loose when I put them on!! Also, last night I was cold, so I decided to wear my new PJ's that I bought at Kohl's, remember the Large size! I put them on, they are thermos and form fitting but definitely not tight. I looked in the mirror and looked like I had a normal body. Very little gut and more bootay!! My daughter said I looked like a 5 year in those PJ's. I told I didn't care, as long as I was warm, which I was!! Today, I'm back at work, uhhh, do I really want to deal with men today? NO!!

Breakfast: coffee w/chocolate raspberry stevia and 1/2 & 1/2
Lunch: chicken breast, cucumber and small orange
Dinner: Boca Burger patty w/spicy brown mustard and whole grapfruit


Amy's hCG Blog said...

Congrats on your shrinking size!! I love it when I feel the clothes getting looser! Hope you have a good working day today... even with men LOL.

BizAdventure said...

Hey girlfriend, nothing but a thing. Water fluxes is all it is, so no worries.

UGH, work, OMG, we need to find some rich cabana boys to take care of us the rest of our lives. OMG, did I just say that out loud? ROFL

Becca said...

Cute snowman! Maybe that's the only kind of "man" you can tolerate right now! Good luck with finding the sweet spot for your scale!