Sunday, December 9, 2007

R2P2 Day 18 Lost 0.2 lbs

Wt: 168.2 LIW: 173 (old scale)
1.0ml HCG (166.6iu) IM 18th Injection

Well, yesterday I decided to try broccoli. It is not on the protocol, but I figured what the hey! I don't think that is what caused the small drop, it was that fact that I found the grissini. I waited to long to make dinner so by the time I got the cabbage going, I was starving and started munching on the grissini and some table water garlic and herb crackers. So the fact that there was a drop at all amazes me. I apologize to everyone, I got up late today since I stayed up to watch tv with my daughter (quality time?). I went to bed at midnight after I told my daughter I wanted to go to bed early since there was a Monk marathon on today. HA!! I woke up at 5:30am and decided it was too early, fell back asleep and awoke at 8am. Decided to snooze a bit more then it was 9am. I told myself to get out of bed because then tonight I would not be able to fall asleep to get up early and go to work. I went to Wal*Mart to return a magazine that I had already purchased. I've done that twice. Anyway I bought the newspaper and came home and got my coffee brewing.

It seems that Miz Biz and myself had the same revelation yesterday. After reading her blog, tears filled my eyes because she was describing exactly what I had felt yesterday morning as well. This morning I broke out all the workout pants that I had bought over the years on clearance, that when I put them on were tight and did not compliment me. Since my gut was larger than my bum, I looked like my head and boobs were on backwards, very unflattering. So I tried them on this morning and saw a major improvement. They did not feel tight and my gut is much, much smaller than before. I was happy. I won't take measurements or pictures until I'm done with this round. Oh, and my face looks so much thinner. All my life I've had chipmunk cheeks and today, there is less of them!! I was remembering yesterday as well, than since 7th grade I weighed 130 lbs, then through high school. My junior year I gained another 20 lbs. During the summer before senior year started, I slept the weight off. Man, if only I could do that now!! I weighed 130 lbs till I was 21, then I got pregnant, that same weekend I shot up 10 lbs. I knew something was wrong but I was in denial. Anyway, to get to 130 lbs would be so friggin' awesome. I know it won't happen this round, but eventually I will get there and by 2009, I will be ready for my 20th high school reunion. I would actually like to get down to 120, but I don't know if that would be possible since most of my life I was at 130. One time during high school, I dieted and dropped to 125, but it was so hard. I liked food too much and gained the 5 lbs. back, but I was happy. Anyway, I'm just rambling on now and I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds.

Breakfast: coffee w/chocolate raspberry stevia, half and half
Lunch: chicken and cabbage soup, small orange
Dinner: tilapia and broccoli, small bowl of cabbage soup, 1/2 grapefruit


Amy's hCG Blog said...

Your drop is still good!! I'm sorry about the hunger-grissini scenario. It's funny that there's times when I'm watching the clock for my meal time, & then other times I'm comfortable with eating later than my normal time. I watched one of the Monk episodes tonight :-) I wonder if there is really anyone like him in the world.

Becca said...

HeHe, I liked picturing your head and boobs being on backwards! I'm sure it wasn't that bad, but it's so cool that it's improving!
Do you know that I eat broccoli and cauliflower fairly often to no adverse effect? The clinic that I started with before I found out how to order my own HCG, had those two items on their food list. It's a life saver to me since i love broccoli so much and it makes my dinner seem so much more substantial. I'd eat it every day if I could. But I do try to eat a variety so that i can get as many different nutrients as possible. I know we are using the stored nutrients but it makes me feel as though I'm eating better that way! Good luck for a good overnight weight loss!

BizAdventure said...

WOO HOO FOR YOU! That is a GOOD drop! Any loss is GOOD!

I have heard many clinics that use broccoli and cauliflower with no issues. The problem with me is that I would want butter! ROFL

What a revelation weekend eh??? LOVING IT!