Sunday, December 30, 2007

R2P3 Ready for P2

Wt: 174.2 LIW: 168.2
6 lbs OVER LIW

I'm not too worried because I know it will come off in the first week of P2. I just consider this my loading week(s)!! I need to drink more water!! This morning my specimen was awful!! Very dark yellow.
I guess after bad mouthing TOM over the last couple of days, he decided to show up yesterday afternoon. So now, I will be ready for P2 very soon. I didn't want to start until TOM was over because of what happened my last round, the cravings, the slow losses, etc. So I really am ready for this P2. I'm also polishing off those last tamales since I won't have anymore until Christmas of next year, and by then I will be a smaller size (hopefully)!!
I'm not able to gather all my thoughts together this morning. I am very moody today, feeling weepy and then really pissed off so I can't wait to go back to bed tonight.

Biz, I agree with you wholeheartedly. We now know what affects adversely. When I go to work without my food, I do make poor decisions.


BizAdventure said...

Yup! Do not stress!

I couldn't let this day go by without you knowing how much I appreciated your support during my journey!

Thank you so much Mary!!!