Saturday, December 15, 2007

R2P2 Day 24 Lost 0.4lbs

Wt: 167.8 LIW: 168.2
No Injection 24th Day of Protocol

Well, I got up late today, obviously. I've been really tired this week, another sign that my batch has gone bad. I tried to really sleep in but the cats awoke me since my daughter didn't feed them last night. She's getting an earful this morning. Anyway, yesterday I went shopping again for some more PJ's at Kohl's. They were not on sale like last week. I bought them anyway, and if they go down again in price, I will take them back. Anything to save a buck. Anyway, on my way home, I drove by a Carl's Jr. and almost pulled in to get a low carb six dollar burger!! Luckily I was in the wrong lane and traffic was crazy. So I decided to drive home first, weigh myself and that would be my deciding factor. I got home, got on the scale and it said 167.8!!! It gave me the number I had been waiting for all week!! Now I can say I lost 10 lbs this round and 30lbs since beginning the protocol in late August. My numbers are completely off since I used an old scale in the beginning. Deep down inside I know that I have lost a couple more pounds but I'll just keep that to myself.

I had a very stressful day yesterday, my partner decided to go on vacation so I had to work with someone else, and that person, I can not stand!! I'm sorry, but I have never worked with someone that lazy, ever!! Now it turns out that she's pregnant, so I will probably have to work with her for the next 7 months!! UUUUUggggHHHHH!!! She acts as if she's already 9 months pregnant and can't get up to answer the window!!! Irritating!!! I spoke to my commander about it because he walked in, saw my face, and asked what was wrong. Of course, I said, "Nothing, I'm just tired today." I asked him if we could speak in his office and he said yes. We went to his office because he said I don't visit him anymore, (thats and office no one wants to be in) I expressed my feelings and he told me that I only had to work with her that one day. Apparently, he is very aware of workings or lack of, I should say. So I felt better. As I was leaving his office I grabbed some peppermint patties and some Hershey's kisses. What in the world was I doing? I actually ate them without a thought. I had 4 peppermint patties and 3 kisses w/almonds. After I ate them, I thought, well it's too late now, you already ate them. I didn't want to do the whole bulimia thing so I walked away without a care.

Don't have much planned for today, I need to take measurements and decide if I will make a new batch for tomorrow or just hold off for 3 weeks. I'm still debating the whole issue.

Breakfast: 1 cup black coffee w/choco rasp. stevia, 1 cup coffee w/choco rasp stevia and 1/2 & 1/2
Lunch: sliced chicken on bed of romaine lettuce w/red wine vinegar, small orange
Dinner: Cabbage chili soup w/Boca meatless ground burger, melba toast


BizAdventure said...

Stress, geesh, it sure does a number on us doesn't it? I think you did well under the circumstances. UGH

Let us know what you decide to do, isn't it wonderful that we can plan like this? Absolutely fantastic!

Just don't waste the stuff, you know I have an issue with that. ROFL