Monday, December 10, 2007

R2P2 Day 19 Lost 0.2lbs

Wt: 168.0 LIW: 173 (old analog scale)
1.0ml HCG (166.6iu) IM 19th Injection

Ok, I was messing with my alarm clock last night and forgot to turn it on. I had a hard time falling asleep as I knew I would, because I got up late. Anyway, by the time I awoke to look at the clock it was 4:35am, oops!!! I called work and told them I wasn't coming in. They were cool about it, I didn't tell them about the alarm. Anyway, I snuck out of the house around 6:45am so that my daughter would get upset for me being home, then she would want to stay home as well, but I wanted this rainy day to myself!!!! I went to Wal*Mart Supercenter to stock up on chicken broth, they have the boxed kind for a buck!! I like it, has much less sodium than the canned kind. Also, while I was there, I thought about buying some new underwear. I wanted some boy short type, but changed my mind on the whole thing. I figured why spend money now, just wait till you lose some more. Anyway, yesterday to stop myself from eating more grissini, I started working on my Snappy the Snowman tissue box cover (that's him above). That should keep me busy for a couple of days. I'll have to start crochet some blankets or ponchos for my nieces just to keep my hands and mind busy. I'm not necessarily hunger but just the hand to mouth habit. I grab my water when I start to think I'm hunger.

The scale was playing games with me this morning. I got on and it said 168.2, same as yesterday. Then I stepped off, adjusted it and got on again. It said 167.6. I was like wow!! I wrote that weight down then realized that last night I had cleaned it since hair spray had started to accumulate on it. So, I didn't place it back in its exact spot. I adjusted it again, moved it, got on and it I guess it got mad, so it said 171.4. I said, Uh, uh, no way!! I checked it again and the scales four corners weren't touching the floor. So I adjusted it again!! Finally it said 168.0 lbs. The scale doesn't want to show me that 167 definitely. Maybe tomorrow, if I behave today!! I found the melba toast at Wal*Mart as well!! Why do I buy temptation? I feel that the grissini or melba toast stall me and I can't just eat one!! Those damn Little Debbie Christmas spice wreath cookies were calling to me as well!! I bought them but will hide them till after the 25th. Actually it will be longer since I will be in P3 by then.

Ok, this is what I have decided to do. Since my first week went to pot because of the extra loading and TOM, I will do 30 injections. My last injection will be on the 21st of December. My thinking is that when we are pregnant, from the moment of conception, our bodies are flooded with HCG naturally. If we can endure thousands of units of HCG for 9 full months, why not a minuscule amount for 1 month? I don't feel that is really an issue with immunity as Dr. S. states, I believe that one should not be on VLCD for an extreme period of time. It does get tiresome. So this my experiment. My batch of HCG, which I mixed on Thanksgiving, still seems to be potent. My last round, it only seemed to last 12 days because I mixed it the plastic bottle. The second batch I did the same thing. Finally I ordered the sterile glass vials. I made another batch and that one only seemed to last two weeks, threw it out and made another till I finished Round 1. So this round when I made my first batch, I mixed it and quickly wrapped the whole thing in foil, even the stopper, and put it in the fridge!! I think that made a world of difference, at least in my head.

Biz, we need to work together so I can cope with my teenager. I think since she is a girl, I have a harder time allowing her to go out!! Especially with boys!! I'm stressing again.
Amy, thanks again for the encouragement and I hope work gets better.
Becca, I love broccoli too, better than the cauliflower!! I had to fight not to put butter on it so I just sprinkled a bit of lemon pepper on both the broccoli and the fish and it was delish!!!

Yesterday while steaming my fish, I threw in the fresh broccoli and allowed it to steam with the fish. It only took about 6 minutes and dinner was done. My daughter didn't complain, she just got made 'cause I told to hurry up and eat before it got cold. (Actually, I was going to eat her portion of the broccoli!!)

Breakfast: coffee with stevia and 1/2 and 1/2
Lunch: cabbage soup with the last of the London Broil (thank goodness), small orange
Dinner: tilapia and ?????


Amy's hCG Blog said...

I hope you enjoyed your day off! It's funny about you sneaking out. LOL. It sounds like you are on plan for food, so the scale is just screwy. Congrats on another successful day there. I wrap my bottle in foil too. Anything to help.