Wednesday, December 26, 2007

R2P3 After Christmas Sales

Wt: 171.6 LIW: 168.2
3.4 lbs OVER LIW

I hope everyone had a nice and peaceful holiday!!! I really wanted to head out and get the 1/2 off sales for Christmas, but I'm just too tired and don't feel much like venturing out, not even for the newspaper!! Today is my last day off and I return to work tomorrow, blah, yuck, eeeewww, dagnabit, and a few other choice words I would rather not print!! At least I only have to work 2 days then I'm off for the weekend again. I need to review my accumulated hours to see if I can take Monday and Wednesday off of next week as well, but I'm still on call for the station manager. No calls yet, thank goodness!! My daughter won't be too happy, but too bad, I want to be off for the holidays as well!! She says I ruin her vacation when I take time off while she's off from school. Oh, well!!

Well, yesterday was nice and peaceful, no drama, just a small family (6 of us) get together to enjoy a good meal. The meal consisted of ham, my potatoes, corn, green beans, fresh veggie platter, cornbread, biscuits, pico de gallo, tostadas and tons of desserts. I talking about cookies, cakes, more cookies, pumpkin bread, corn flake wreath etc, etc.!! It was crazy!! I just had some cookies and a slice of German chocolate cake with my coffee and I was done. I took the cornbread I made yesterday because it was so good that I would eat the whole thing myself and that would not be pretty. I got to bring some home not much, but just a couple of pieces. I'll try some chili sometime this week to go along with that cornbread. Oh, we even had some wine with dinner, I had two glasses and they didn't phase me!! That was strange, since I haven't touched a drink in a very long time. Don't like to keep alcohol in the house with a teenager here!! Don't want her getting some crazy idea to help herself or give some to her friends, etc.

Well, I'm going to try and put some order into my home, I was off for 5 days and didn't do a gosh darn thing around here!! I was just enjoying time with my lovely teenage daughter who slept everyday till noon or later, ahhh, teenagers!!!


BizAdventure said...

Hey girl! You are not doing too bad at all. When I see all the things your eating and still only 3something pounds above LIW? That is pretty darn good stats if you ask me!

HA! What a typical thing for a teenager to say! ROFL