Tuesday, December 25, 2007

R2P3 Merry Christmas

Wt: 171.6 LIW: 168.2
3.4 lbs over LIW

Merry Christmas to all!!!

I guess I shouldn't have eaten the cornbread yesterday, but it was so good. My daughter thought I was baking a cake so she was disappointed when she saw the finished product. I went out early yesterday to get her a gift. I hadn't really bought her anything because she wanted everything and the moon!! I got her some CD's she's been dying for and a gift certificate for those I missed. I got my cousin a gift certificate as well, that boy has everything!!

My menu wasn't that great yesterday, I had 2 over easy eggs on a bed of potatoes w/chorizo and my hot homemade salsa. Dinner was steak, mashed potatioes and cornbread. Later I had guacamole and Doritos, and even later another piece of cornbread. That cornbread did taste like cake and it was de-lish!! It isn't the greatest P3 food, but I'm enjoying it now, cuz my order from came in yesterday!! Now I have plenty of HCG to do some serious rounds, hopefully less!! Did I tell you I had never been so happy to open the door to a stranger bearing gifts??!! Ha, I crack myself up!!

Well, that's all I have so far this morning, got to get cookin' on my potatoes that I have to take for Christmas lunch. It is suppose to be windy here today and I do not look forward to that since my nose is still stuffy.

Becca, thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to read up on my deviations, ha!!

lili, you are one lucky gal, he's a keeper!!! I have been trying to eat more of my hot salsa to clear up my nose, it works but then later I get stuffy again!!

Biz, I know you are out there having a grand ole time, hope to hear from you soon!!