Saturday, March 1, 2008

R3P2D34 What A Week!

Round 3 of Phase 2 VCLD Day 34
0.9ml (150iu) HCG IM Injection #1
LIW: 168.2
Yesterday's Wt: 169.4
Today's Wt: 171.8
2.4 lbs GAIN

There is so much drama happening at work lately that it is ridiculous!! I couldn't bring it up before cuz I usually update my blog at work (bad girl) and I didn't want to get caught writing a novel. Thursday, the station manager had a cow cause officers were using HIS office (it actually belongs to the City of El Paso). One female officer needed to take photos of a victim's injuries and he was pissed!! Then to top it all off, I used his computer to view a DVD surveillance video with a detective and I think he crapped his pants!!! I explained to him that the detective was not the one that was using his computer, it was me, and if he wanted to yell at someone to yell at me. Then he did yell at me about the photos and I had nothing to do with that, but Whateva!!! Then yesterday, some officers were having their CPR recertification class in the conference room. While I was at lunch and watching my shows, I needed to get some water but couldn't get into the room where the water is at. I had no idea what was going on. While I was in the break room, a pregnant officer (drama queen) and other female walked in. The unknown female was taking about how she had been accused of cheating on the test and failed, she began to cry and I had no idea what the hell was going on. So, I'm sitting there and the training tech came in and started yelling at them. I was trying to ignore them but she was kinda loud and the breakroom isn't exactly huge. She finally asked if she could have the room to herself and I got upset since I was off the clock but again, whateva!!! All I caught was her telling them that they were caught cheating on the test, blah, blah, blah. I walked away because I didn't feel like making a trip to internal affairs, ya know what I'm saying? I asked another officer what was going on and he wasn't sure what was happening. Now drama queen is very, very dramatic and a lot of people don't like her, to include myself. I've had my run ins with her, but that would take all day for me to write here. Anyway, later the training tech came around and an officer and myself were trying to get away cuz we didn't want anything to do with what was going on. It was funny to see us scrambling to get away, you'd think someone had set off a bomb or something and we were trying to get outta there, but I got stuck talking to her. She started to tell me what was going on and I tried to change the subject. I told her that I had had a run in with the station manager and that I just walked away, I let him "yell" at me and I just walked away. Oh, when he arrived at work yesterday, an officer that shares his office was standing there with me and the station manager greeted us with a good morning as he walked by. I was going to say something sarcastic like "it was a good", but the officer said nothing and so I said nothing, it was hilarious!!! Anyway, she proceeded to tell me that she had caught drama queen cheating and drama queen could only reply, "its because you don't like me!!" Drama queen proceeded to throw her cell phone on the table and explain that she could not have been cheating because she was texting her fiance. Oh my, can we say, open mouth, insert foot!!! She is really dumb and that's why many of us do not like her and stay away from her. I've heard that she even had a hard time through the academy but they allowed her to slide through!!! That explains A LOT!!! Lucky for me the phone rang and I ran to answer it because I didn't want to know anymore. It will be interesting to see what is going to come from all of this!!! So that is how my last few days at work have been, hilarious actually.

I ate Chico's Tacos (here's the link) yesterday thanks to a co-worker bringing their drink from there. I figured what the hell it's my last day of eating freedom (kinda). I drove there after work and got 4 single orders of tacos (for myself and my daughter), a hot dog and a couple of orders of fries. Now, their hot dogs are a bit different from your American hot dogs. They take 2 wieners, slice them in half lengthwise, place them on a hamburger bun, pour some of their homemade chili beans, pickles and mustard. For some unknown reason, these are really good especially when you pour on some of their jalapeno green sauce on it. Yummo!!! I ate everything and man was I stuffed!! I still had ice cream a while after that, what a piggy!!! I blame TOM for all of this. I can't believe he still has not shown up!!! Of course, since I restarted injections, he'll present himself and with a vengeance!! Well, while I was enjoying my second helping of ice cream, I bit the shit outta my lower lip on the inside, OUUUUCH!!! I now have this disgusting blood blister thingy that rubs on my teeth and bothers me!!! Did I stop eating the ice cream? Hell NO!! I think the coldness helped not to swell up really bad or I'd look like someone punched me in the lip.

I meant to lower my dose but I calculated incorrectly so I will lower my dose tomorrow. I meant to give myself 125iu and I ended up with 150iu's. DUH!!! I will eat normally today and tomorrow and restart VCLD Monday. I would start today but the HCG is not built up in my system yet. Yea, yea, yea!!!

Yesterday's Menu:
B: picadillo burrito and coffee
L: bean & cheese burrito with water
D: 2 single orders of Chico's Tacos, fries, 1/2 Chico's hot dog and a Cherry Coke (ooooh, I know)
S: turtle sundae Blue Bunny personal ice cream, Super fudge brownie Blue Bunny personal ice cream

Jennay, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! ha, so much for that loss, eh? Yes, it has been very quiet in Protocoland and Bloggerville. I promise I read your blog everyday but sometimes I screw up when it comes to posting, it doesn't take and I don't realize it, but I promise I am here everyday!! Hey, do you still read the Yahoo group emails?


trysomethingnew12 said...

Dont worry about the gain your gonna loose it in no time once ur doing the VLCD again!! And taking a break is really good for a fresh start and some new motivation! This week is going to be successful!! I feel it!