Thursday, March 6, 2008

R3P2D39 Fell Off Again!!

Round 3 of Phase 2 VCLD Day 39
0.9ml (150iu) HCG IM Injection #6
LIW: 168.2
Yesterday's Wt: 168.6
Today's Wt: 167.8
0.8 lbs LOST

It looks like I can't get back on that wagon to Protocoland. I strayed again yesterday. I upped my dose a bit this morning and I took my multi-vitamin Green Source this morning. I'm taking a supplement called Fucothin. It is pure seaweed extract and it is suppose to boost your metabolism. Guess I'll find out if it works or not. Anyway, I got home yesterday and had my dinner then my daughter got home and made popcorn. At first she hid the bag from me which I was very proud of her but then she went to heat something up in the micro and left the bag out. So I took a few and ended up eating about a handful. I drank some wu long tea and that finally helped calm me down.

I went to Big Lots cuz I was going to go crazy and buy everything from their ad but after I got there, I thought do I really need all this? NO!! So I walked out and went next door to Goodwill. I found a pair of jeans in size 12 and tried them on. I could get them on but not zip them. I looked at their sign and everything with a green tag was 50% off, so back to rack I went. I found a pair Rockies but they were too long. I found some Levi 550 and a pair of NY Jeans. One of these had a green tag!!! I found some chinese spoons and an English/Spanish 2004 book. I got out of there paying a whole $10.55!! I got home and tried the jeans on again since when I tried them on there, my bladder was full and was difficult. I got one pair on and zip them and my butt actually looked cute!!! My hips have been so huge that they would take over any pair that I would wear so I never wore them again, but now I can. That should be my motivation to get both pair on!! I told my daughter and she was shocked that I had actually gone in there!! I told her it's not like there's paparazzi following me and snapping my picture going in and out of there!! No one has to know that where I bought my jeans, right? I'm glad I didn't buy her any!!!

Yesterday's Menu:
B: 12oz. coffee w/milk & Splenda, 2-12oz. black coffee
L: Wendy's single 1/4 lb. burger without the top bun, no mayo, no ketchup and no cheese, extra mustard and a chicken Caesar salad as well.
D: 1 water packed can of tuna, drained, w/mustard, garlic powder, cajun seasoning and pepper w/Lay's Wavy potato chips
S: handful of popcorn, Movie Theatre butter no less, 2 cups wu-long tea w/stevia

Biz, yes I have been eating junk and still losing, ha!! It'll catch up to me soon, don't worry. Yes, I try and take tips from Jen & Ed as well as Marlene, check out her blog when you have a chance.

Marlene, I want to see the DVD as well, not sure if I can apply it to myself yet but I am trying to read it. Maybe a combo of the book and HCG will help!!

Jennay, yes, I am trying to read it. Ha, I do okay with potato chips but not with bread, I quickly gain if I cheat with bread!! I eat the salad dry, they are nice enough to put parm cheese on it and I throw on the croutons. I've gotten used it without the dressing and its not so bad!! Not interested in the UPS man, he's very nice and polite but not my type. I think he's just nice because he screwed up my package from research supplies and sent it back without giving me a chance to pick it up from them, etc, etc.

CB, as I explained to Jen, I think he just kisses my ass because I called to complain when they screwed up!! I already took a break for that reason but as soon as this bottle is over (mustn't waste HCG) I will take a long break but it just saddens me because summer is just around the corner. That should start motivating me eh?


dawn/articshark said...

Mary- I have been reading your blogs for a while now. Sliently lurking. But I thought today, you needed someone to say... it'll be alright girl!!!! The wagon follows on a parallel path whether we are on it or fall off of it!!! So at anytime you can just jump on!! ;-)

And come join our forum, we will help out. Instantly, or almost instantly, give encouragement, or advice, or toast with you, or whatever you need!!

Does it help to know that you are so not alone? I can't tell you how many times I have fallen off the wagon. I just dust off and get back on. And miraculously, there is always a seat waiting for me. :-)

Becca said...

Hi Mary, I see you are still up to your old tricks... And somehow you are still getting good losses! Go figure. If it was me I'd get a gain every time. Must be the difference in our ages, you think?
But I happy to see you doing so well and that you're fighting that shopping urge of yours! LOL. No I really think that was an excellent idea to go next door to the goodwill store. Tell your daughter that it makes sense to buy your transition clothes at the second hand shop since you'll only be wearing them for a short while! But the truth is, they're usually practically new anyway and why not just go shopping there all the time? If you take the time to find good quality items, you could get a great wardrobe for a fraction of the cost...
So keep up the good work girly! And when are you going to post some pics???

trysomethingnew12 said...

Yey congrats you got into the jeans!! That must be some awsome motivation for the future!! And eventhough you say you have bad days your loosing so you must be doing smething right!!

BizAdventure said...

You are STILL losing, how can that be possible? What the heck is going on???

You rawk my friend, just rawk! I see you joined up on the forum, but I didn't see you post anything yet, what is up with that?

Ed & Jennifer said...

Look at everyone coming through to give our litte Marrray support! Dawn is will love her! Get over the forum and start your journal we need you girl!

Ewww, the UPS guy sent back the HCG...what a moron! Yeah, he IS NOT your type! I wonder if you were a "good girl" today!

We want to see pics of your cute jean butt!