Monday, March 24, 2008

R3P3D3 Post Easter Recovery

Round 3 Phase 3 Day 03
R3 LIW: 162.0 03.19.08
Yesterday's Wt: 163.6
Today's Wt: 164.0
0.4 lbs GAIN from yesterday
2.0 lbs over LIW

I must admit I did partake in some good, starchy food yesterday. Hey, it was Easter and I was with family so I don't mind the gain. I will admit that I only had one serving of food and didn't go for a second plate. I am very proud of myself because before, I would get seconds and thirds to the point where I felt overstuffed but continued to eat. I will have to do a modified steak day today and I also played hooky from work. I'm trying to get together with a freecycler to pick up some items but we just haven't been able to work something out since it was a holiday weekend. Anyway, I am going to weigh myself later this morning and use that weight. My weight at 5am was 165.2 lbs.

I've decided to stay on P3 since I defrosted most of my cheeses and bought too much cauliflower. I hate to waste HCG but I think I need a break. I have been off and on P2 since the middle of January, along with a few interruptions but I think I've had enough. I didn't realize how many holidays would interfere or that I allowed to interfere, during this P2. I really didn't think we would do anything for Easter but we did. I wanted to get to the 150's before this round ended but it just didn't happen for me this time. I'll stay on P3 until TOM comes and goes later this month or the beginning of next month. I don't want to take too long of a break since summer is right around the corner!!

I'm supposed to meet with the company that is buying the mobile home from me, later today so I can sign some papers.

My mom is so sweet, she gave me some money so I can buy some groceries and she even gave me a gift certificate that she said was for my birthday in January. She bought my daughter a digital camera (God help us) and a gift certificate as well for her birthday, last Thursday.

Back to yesterday, everyone seemed to enjoy the pina colada cake and I myself had two pieces!! It was very delicious and you couldn't even taste the rum. I thought I had put too much but apparently it wasn't enough. I was helping my aunt in the kitchen and she finally commented, "hey you've lost a lot of weight, what are you doing?" I was so happy but knew better than to tell her about the injections so I told her I was dieting and exercising. She asked if I went to the gym and I lied again and said yes, that we have a gym at work. She just said that was nice of work and began asking about my jeans. I went ahead and told her that I got them at GW since I was hoping to lose some more and didn't want to spend a lot of money on jeans just to not be able to wear them after a while. My aunt has worked in doctor's offices for all of her career and she would die if I told her about the HCG. She would get all negative about it and begin to ask about long term effects, etc., so to avoid that I said what I said. Again, I was very happy that someone in my family, finally noticed. She told me that my cousin has finally set a date for her wedding which will be next year. Her bachelorette party will be in Vegas in April of next year. I told my daughter after we got home, that that was my new motivation to lose more weight and I have a whole year to do it in. Also, my 20th high school reunion will be next year as well, so more motivation!!

I shall update some more later in the day.

Yesterday's Menu:
B: steak & mushroom omelet cooked in coconut oil, coffee w/half & half and Splenda
L: brisket, potato salad, Ranch style beans, fresh broccoli & cukes w/dressing, 1 dinner roll with butter, water, two small pieces of pina colada cake and coffee
S: tostadas w/salsa

CB, awwwwe, I wish I could have read your long comment, dang wireless!! Thanks for the encouraging words and for checking in on me. I am trying to enjoy the wine but I can not believe that one small glass makes me so tipsy!!


trysomethingnew12 said...

It's an accomplishment by itself to cheat but not go overboard!! Its very important to learn to do that especially for later when ur gonna try to maintain!! Thats how I look at it!! Good job on having control!!