Saturday, March 15, 2008

R3P2D48 Is This Week Over Yet?

Round 3 of Phase 2 VCLD Day 48
0.9ml (150iu) HCG IM Injection #14
R2 LIW: 168.2 12/14/07
Yesterday's Wt: 162.2
Today's Wt: 162.0
0.2 lbs LOST

YEA!!! Today marks the official day that I have lost exactly 35 lbs!!! Whoo Hoo!!! I got up late cause I was so tired from all the drama this week. Sadly I awoke at the time my alarm goes off (3:00am) but the alarm didn't go off, I just naturally woke up, pathetic!!! So I went back to sleep and awoke again at 6:50 and realized that it was later than I wanted because I wanted to go to the grocery store before everyone else gets there. I got up and went to the bathroom, emptied my bladder and weighed myself with my socks and undies on and I weighed 162.6. I said huh, a gain!! So I went and laid in bed to get motivated and fell back asleep, I woke up again and weighed again with my socks and undies on and weighed 162.2 just like yesterday. I put my "jeans" on and went to Wal*Mart before it got too busy and bought the newspaper and my Woman's World weekly magazine. I came home and got completely naked and got on the scale. It said 161.2!! I thought wow, I only went out for 20 minutes and lost a pound? Amazing. I coudn't believe it so I got on again, it said 162.0. WTF!! I picked it up and swept underneath it cause somehow all this cat litter was underneath it and I placed it back in its spot and proceeded to weigh again, 162.0, fine, I'll stick to that number, not a problem since it will officially be 35 lbs gone!!! I'm sure I weighed a bit more when I started but since I didn't want to fork out the dough for a digital scale on my first round, that's the number I got. I remember when I got my new scale, I got on and it weighed me a bit more than the old scale so I had a fit!!!

Yesterday was an extremely stressful day for me and I was moodiest bitch at work. At one point it felt like 10 people wanted something from me at once. The phones were ringing off the hook, detectives needed miranda cards cuz they couldn't find any, someone was ringing the bell at the window, and the commander's secretary came wanting certain stats like yesterday!!! I was about to scream!!! So now I'm trying to get these numbers cuz the chief's office is asking for them (I think they have secretaries that can look this up for them????) and as I'm trying to get these numbers, the commander calls me directly and is asking me how long it's going to take me. I'm thinking, "I could get these numbers a lot faster if you weren't taking up my time bothering me on the phone!!!!!", right?? So I told him just give me a couple of minutes and I will give them to your secretary or I can call you directly with them. So as I'm trying to get these numbers a sargeant comes and starts poking me on my side and that just annoyed the shit outta me!!! So I get the numbers and run to the secretary to give them to her and on my way over there, another sargeant starts hitting me with papers and I am about to scream!!! Later I went and apologized to the secretary and explained to her that it wasn't her that I was upset at and explained how everyone was just touching and annoying me!!! She understood, I think. Later after lunch, she came by and said that the commander wanted her to thank me for getting those numbers for him, sheesh, give me a raise instead is what I was thinking. Ah, speaking of raise, my anniversary is Monday and that means my evaluation is due, eeeekkkk!!! This is when I start to stress because I can only think of all the negative things that I have done and that that is what they are going to be looking at and I won't get a raise. I will have been working there 5 years, its time to look for something else.

So, yesterday I decided to go to JC Penney's for their sweet sale and wanted to buy this dress that I thought was really cute. I bought in a size 8 to motivate me. I found some petite jeans on clearance and their boot cut in size 12!! I also found some slacks so I can wear them to work but I'll have to wear my boots with them because even though they are petite, they are still a bit long. So I unwrapped the candy bar for the the coupon and I got one for 20% off, whoo hoo!!! I came home and tried everything on again, even the dress and it fit!! Okay, so where's my motivation? So now I have to decide if I should return the dress and get a smaller size or just return it.

My daughter came home and I realized that it is the beginning of her spring break and the beginning of her trying my patience for the next two whole weeks. I got her a babysitting job but that's only for 3 days this week. She didn't want to do it since it will be on her birthday, the 20th, that she will have to sit. I explained to her that she would be earning easy money that she didn't have and she can buy what she wants with it. So she decided that she would do it. The only problem is she won't be getting home till after midnight when I'm already in bed. I don't have a problem with her babysitting since she's doing for a fellow police officer who's sitter skipped out on her suddenly. It will only be for 3 days is what I have to keep telling myself and 2 of those days will be Friday and Saturday. I get the house in the evening to myself and she will only be a couple of blocks away, literally!!! I've only recently found out that many of the officers that I work with, live very close by. So I guess I better keep my yard looking spiffy so they don't go around telling everyone what an eyesore I have!! I have desert landscaping so I don't have to worry too much and they really don't care!!

Yesterday's Menu:
B: 12 oz. coffee w/Mocha Mix & Splenda, 2-12 oz. black coffee, snuck in a couple of Starburst and 2 Hershey's mini chocolates because of the stress
L: South Beach Living Garlic Herb Chicken with green beans almondine, 1 red apple
D: 150 gms of London Broil w/sliced fresh jalapeno, 1 c. wulong tea

Regina, I only have 3 more years of raising this child but she is really trying me. I'm still trying to get numbers for her. Thanks for the reminder on the importance of eating, I think I taught myself a lesson, since I was so moody, I don't think I'll try that again.

Jennay, sorry, I was at work when trying to reply to comments and I kept getting interrupted. You're funny, RED high hells?!!! I guess you were pretty upset that I didn't comment on that. I haven't worn my red platform heels yet cuz I need to break them in and work is not the place to do that!! Course knowing these guys, they see red and they just lose their minds, especially red heels, right? Tell Ed to "simma down now!! Yes, TGIF**kingF is what I meant because of the funky mood I was in!! Take care and have a great time where every you guys are going out this weekend and have one for me too!!! Check out Big Daddy D's link for more P3 friendly recipes!!

Dawn, no porn, sorry, but I'll post the picture of the back of my thighs for you?!! j/k I know, you think that after you get them potty trained it's smooth sailing, well it is until they reach 10 and they begin to test your patience and its downhill from there. I try explaining to her that I am not her friend, I am her mother so she needs to do as I say. I was just so tired and I knew I'd probably fall asleep right after I ate and that's exactly what happened, oh well, lesson learned.

Monica, I titled my post yesterday "TGIFF" because that's how I felt yesterday, see Jennay's reply for more explanation. Hey, enjoy those macadamian nuts, mine are staring at me from the fridge everyday, wondering when is their day!! I just look at them and say, "Your day is coming soon, not to worry!!" Muahaa aaahaaa!! Hey, check out Big Daddy's D and Cleo's blogs, their links are posted on my sidebar, they both have great lo carb recipes that I think will be okay for P3. And from their blogs, there are more links to other lo carbers out there.