Wednesday, March 5, 2008

R3P2D38 Falling Off the Wagon

Round 3 of Phase 2 VCLD Day 38
0.75ml (125iu) HCG IM Injection #5
LIW: 168.2
Yesterday's Wt: 169.4
Today's Wt: 168.6
0.8 lbs LOST

Ok, ok, I was bad again yesterday but I tried to stay under 500 calories but I may have gone over a bit. I drank lots of water, must have been over a gallon cuz I kept refilling my 32oz glass at work, I lost count after 4 and I still drank more when I got home. After work I went to vote and came home to wait for the man in brown, UPS man!! Good thing I have a regular guy who knows me and what time I'm home so he doesn't have to leave me a note. But that could be a bad thing too if he knows what time I'm home and such but anyway, I told him I would see him on Monday. I have another order coming in. So I finished eating at around 3pm which is also the time the UPS man showed up. I finally received my supplements and the book I won on eBay, The Secret. I didn't get to read much but I am trying. I thought about bringing it to work but I wouldn't have time and if I get caught reading it, everyone will wonder why I have so much time to read and not do my work, blah blah blah.

My daughter had told me on Monday night that the students were planning a walk out for Thursday to protest the new school block schedule. It was a very controversial subject since students, faculty, or parents were allowed to give any imput, the school district was just going to implement it. So she told me yesterday that the school district changed their mind since they heard about the walk out. A few years ago the school district tried to do something similar and there was an actual riot at Montwood High School.

On Saturday after posting about all the drama, I forgot to mention that as soon as I took my injection, my hunger ceased. It didn't stop me from eating but it did feel weird almost like an addict getting a hit after a while.

Yesterday's Menu:
B: 120z. coffee w/Splenda & milk, 2-12oz. black coffee, lots of water over a gallon!!
L: Wendy's chicken Caesar salad w/o dressing, w/croutons (190 cals???)
D: spinach chile con queso w/Doritos and Lay's Wavy potato chips

Marlene, thanks for the tips I will definitely look into those ice creams!!! The skinny cow sandwiches have 140 cals so I figured it was okay. At least in my mind it was okay.

Jennay, oh my lip is much better now, I think the cold from the ice cream, that I wouldn't stop eating afterwards, helped keep the swelling down. I think I am definitely going to try Marlene's approach and try some Lean Cuisine meals, like the pannini fiasco I had during one of my rounds. Yes, I agree now that you hit the teens I would experiment just yet, let Ed do that, he, he!!! Let's see if I can start behaving again and stick to the protocol.

Monica, ahhh, yes the donut drama, been there done that, I actually lost a pound the day I had that donut, go figure!!

Becca, yes the joy of working for civil service, drama, drama and more drama!!! I'm not off to good start yet so I need to buckle down!! I'll try and catch up now!!


BizAdventure said...

How in the world are you eating junk and still losing? I want to be on YOUR diet! ROFL

WOW about the school walk out, how neat to hear that things like this still work!

trysomethingnew12 said...

I have the Secret on DVD haha. I watched it once and never again eventhough I really believed it!! I actually applied it to my wish to loose weight. HCG works better lol

Ed & Jennifer said...

Sheesh, it took me forever to check on my Mary today!

The Secret it NOW!! It will help every aspect of your life.

You lost almost a full pound eating chips and queso-and you are envious of me? I can't get near starches. Ed said since I'm not doing the next round with him he is going to do Marlene's diet! LOL

When you eat the Wendy's salad how do you make it taste good? Do you just eat it plain?

Hey is the UPS man married? LOL

Hang in there girl, the week is more than half way over!!!

cb9094 said...

Sounds like the UPS man is digging Maaaray!

I'm checking on you everyday! Talk about drugs....I've got to have my Mary hit everyday!!

Hang in there girl. Is it time for P3 yet? Maybe you need a mental break. I feel so much better (my confidence is better), now that I am controlling P3. I'm actually starting to anticipate R3P2! Yeah, crazy!

Love ya-