Sunday, March 2, 2008

R3P2D35 Freedom's Almost Over

Round 3 of Phase 2 VCLD Day 35
0.75ml (125iu) HCG IM Injection #2
LIW: 168.2
Yesterday's Wt: 171.8
Today's Wt: 170.0
1.8 lbs LOST

Yesterday was pretty laid back. I ate freely yesterday since the HCG is not built up in my system yet. I did have a lot of ice cream or at least it was a lot for me. My daughter kept telling me to stop eating and I tried to explain to her about the first 2 shots not really doing anything and she said I was just making excuses. I tried to pull a few weeds from the front yard even though I have desert landscaping those suckas still found a way to grow. There were so many dogs running loose I was starting to get aggravated. The neighbor that used to live next door before selling the house, came by to visit some neighbors. The man was very irritating when he lived next door. He was a great mechanic but he played his music so loud that my windows would rattle. This was a daily occurrence not once in a while, daily. I was so thrilled when they finally sold the home but now I have to contend with these morons. My other next door neighbors don't bother me as much, they play their music loud once in a while but not daily.

Guess who came to visit me at 4am this morning?? You got it, TOM that bastard. Just like a man to show up unannounced and at an inconvenient time and just as I had predicted as soon as I started injections again.

Yesterday's Menu:
B: bacon and scrambled eggs with homemade jalapeno and tomatillo salsa, coffee
L: Blue Bunny banana split personal ice cream and a Skinny Cow chocolate ice cream sandwich
D: grilled chuck steak w/avocado and more salsa, zucchini & cheese soup
S: Betty Crocker hot fudge brownie with added walnuts and a glass of milk

Trysomethingnew, thanks for stopping by, I know you're very busy with school and I really enjoy reading your updates, very interesting about the protein bars. I'm not sweating this weeks gain, I am so over it and mentally ready to start P2 grazing again.

Jennay, you must have had a great time yesterday, glad you did, you deserve it, girl!!!


Ed & Jennifer said...

Hi my Marrray! I had to get all caught up on the drama...what is with these people? It ain't no fun if there ain't no drama! I HATE DRAMA!

Mary, how did you bite your lip eating ice cream? LOL! I savor it so sloooowly. I would've bitten my lip scarfing down the hot dog-YUM!

I still do read the yahoo group emails, although I forget! I need to head on over there today and catch up!

You better eat up all those goodies because "D Day" is right around the corner!!!! Now you can miserable on P2 like the rest of us...just kidding!

Love ya girl, have a nice day and tell TOM to make it quick...PITA!

cb9094 said...

Hey Girl!
I'm still checking on you EVERYDAY!


applebottomblues said...

Hey miss Mary! I'm just catching up on the weekend. Whoa.. the DRAMA! Can't stand the stuff. Good for you for walking away.

You had such a great break and look at that... you're really not that far from your LIW. And OMG!You got away with ice cream!

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