Saturday, March 22, 2008

R3P3D1 No Steak Day Today!!!

Round 3 Phase 3 Day 01
R3 LIW: 162.0 03.19.08
Yesterday's Wt: 164.0
Today's Wt: 163.2
0.8 lbs LOST

I didn't so good yesterday either but I didn't have any chips!! I did have a donut early yesterday morning. The unwritten policy at work is if you're going to be late, you have to bring donuts. Obviously someone was late yesterday so I indulged and had one, only one!! Later, the commander's secretary calls me and says she wants me to go to her office because she was going to be nice to me. I walked in and she had just opened a new canister of party mixed nuts and my favorite were at the very top and she said I could take as many as I wanted. I love brazil nuts and there were at least 8 huge ones sitting right there on top. I grabbed all of them and went on my merry way. Someone was quick to exclaim, hey those aren't on your diet. I went on to explain that my diet had gone out the window since Wednesday. I shared one with the officer that was working with me. I later indulged in some tostadas with salsa, another weakness. I was eating so much because we were so slow, I mean no one was coming in. I started thinking that people probably thought we were closed for the holy holiday since the county offices were closed for St. Patrick's and Good Friday. I'm working for the wrong government!! Anyway, so I enjoyed not working yesterday and earning a fulls day pay!! I had thought about taking a half day but realized I need to save my time just in case these people decide to take me to court. Most of the officers that I have talked to said I was in the right to do what I did and the only thing I screwed up on was that I didn't send a certified letter. I explained that the house was abandoned and I hadn't been paid for 3 months now so that's why I removed it from the lot. They told me that that was what I had to tell the judge and that all the contact numbers I had for them were no good as well as if I did send the letter, I was going to have to send it to the address where the house was abandoned, etc. They all said that would help my case. Not to mention the fact that they were subletting the home without my permission which was a complete violation of our contract. So I have everything working for me so far and I'm trying not to let it get to me but it is hard sometimes. I had a strange dream last night that I had moved the home in front of my mother's house in the street and these ex-tenants just moved in again. What a nightmare!! Anyway, so when I left work, I went by this grocery store because they had mayo on sale again. With their coupon you could get it for $1.49 and its the good stuff not off label, its Kraft Mayo in the huge mouth jar. I got some poblano chiles as well so I can stuff them, I forgot the broccoli though (69 cents a lb). That place was packed and I was getting aggravated. I wanted to do some more grocery shopping but everywhere was packed. I still needed to get stuff to make the pina colada cake for tomorrow, so I got up early this morning and went to Albertson's. I got some Betty Crocker warm delights MINI chocolate raspberry decadence. These were on sale and bit more pricier than the regular size but this way I can still indulge but with not such a big piece of cake. I bought some more South Beach Living personal pizzas, they were still on sale and I had coupons!!! When I checked out, they doubled my coupons, FRICKIN' AWESOME!!!! So I ended up paying about $1.50 for each pizza. I drove to Sam's to get gas since I will have to drive to my aunt's house some 20 miles away tomorrow (so far, huh) and at least I'll be gassed up for the work week. Since it was after 7am already, I went into Sam's and bought some avocados and half & half. I wanted to buy some EAS protein shake mix and the price has gone up since I last looked at it last month, so I skipped it. I checked out and didn't realize the price of the avocados had gone up as well. This royally sucks, everything's going up but the pay!! I now drove to Wal*Mart to get some more items. I bought some cauliflower so I can try Cleo's cauliflower crust and mock bread sticks. I got two huge bunches with my competitor's ad for $1.69 each. As I was cruising the aisles looking to items, I saw they had a ricer!! I have been wanting one of these for-like-ever!!! I thought how perfect since I was going to try the cauliflower crust, this will come in extremely handy!! So I'm home now and my pesky neighbors are having a garage sale. I was being nosey and overheard another neighbor talking to them and he asked if they were selling the house. I know for a fact they are renting. The neighbor explains to them that they bought a house and are moving. I was jumping up and down!!!! Now to see who moves in next, ugh!! I miss the bachelor guys that were renting before them. There were three of them and they were the most quietest bunch of guys I have ever known. They had friends over every weekend but you never heard them!!! They had parties but you didn't hear them. I was elated!!! I guess the landlord jacked up their rent for the next 6 months so they moved, then the terror moved in!!

Well, I'm off to start my cleaning and baking for tomorrow. I know many bloggers will be MIA for the weekend, hope everyone has a great time!!

Yesterday's Menu:
B: 1 Krispy Kreme donut, 7 Brazil nuts, 12 oz. coffee w/half & half & Splenda, 2-12oz. black coffee
L: tostadas w/salsa, Smart Ones Angel Hair pasta w/zucchini, yellow squash, spinach marinara sauce
D: London Broil w/a glass of cabernet, 1 NSA fudge bar

Becca, thanks for the advice, I'll have to check my provider to see if they can do that, but I noticed that they call from different numbers as well!! I'm trying not to let it get to me but since I've never had to deal with something like this, I let it get to me even though people tell me I am in the right. Just keep sending those good vibes, please!!!

Dawn, yes I'll have to check into that blocked number deal. I got up this morning as was legal so not steak day, just concentrating on protein and veggies!!!


trysomethingnew12 said...

you think I'm eating good? look at you Krispy Kreme Donuts, Pasta, fudge bar and your loosing too!!!

EweWho said...

Mary, Mary, Mary!! Krispy Kreme donut??? You trying to be a poster child for how NOT to do this diet? ROFL!!

Well, congratulations on no chips! It is hard to pass on things we love, isn't it?

Maybe when the stress of the tenants is over you will be able to focus. It sounds as though you were in the right to do what you did, and I'm sure you will come out the winner if it should go to court. I really doubt if the tenants will even take it to court. They sound like complete idiots.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter! I'll be anxious to see what decision you make on whether to continue next week or go on to P3.