Wednesday, April 2, 2008

R3P2D61 Short & Sweet, Like Me

Round 3 Phase 2 Day 61
1ml HCG (166.6 iu) Injection #25
R3 LIW: 162.0 03.19.08
Yesterday's Wt: 161.0
Today's Wt: 161.4
0.4 lbs GAIN from yesterday
0.6 lb under LIW

Oh the early morning weigh ins get me every time. Since I got to weigh in later yesterday, I saw that 0.4 lb. drop and this morning its back. No sweat. Judging by my vial I should have my last injection tomorrow morning and I'm off to P3 on Sunday. I plan on only taking 2 weeks off since I seem to have such a hard time getting back into P2. I will only do a short round. Hopefully TOM will show up during my break so I can continue.

I didn't get to finish everything yesterday and this morning I was drying a load of clothes from last night. So today I'm back at work and dragging. Not exactly thrilled to be here.

Hey, I found a website explaining that I can actually freeze avocados. I'm glad I looked it up because during my little break I had bought some and didn't get around to enjoying them all. I was able to scrape all the meat out of the avocados, mix with some lemon juice and freeze in plastic bags. Awesome!!! I didn't have to give them away or throw them away. I have them in my freezer for next week, whoo hoo!!

Yesterday's Menu:
B: 1 Starbucks venti Bold w/cream & Splenda
L: South Beach Living Supreme Pizza on Harvest Wheat Crust
S: 6oz. yogurt w/2 tsps. of ground flaxseed
D: 2 tilapia fillets, 4 blue corn chips w/salsa

Biz, yes it has finally caught up to me and I think my TOM is lurking now!!

Becca, I guess I should just get a job there since all my money seems to go there, eh? Watch if you can, I found it very intriguing.

B, yes finally under LIW, hopefully I can stay there. The 160's have been tough for me especially with all my deviations, he he!! Yes, try and watch or check out his website, I have the link on the right sidebar. The comic has been my favorite and I have it posted on the fridge, decided to following in your footsteps and post it here.

Jennay, how the heck are ya?!! You scared me there for a while. All these bad thoughts started to swirl in my head but I'm glad everything's okay. Tomorrow will be my last injection for this round and I'll probably have to wait another 2 weeks before I see them 150's. Yes, she's back at school and let the drama begin, I will definitely need more wine, haa!! Love ya, take care!!


Becca said...

Sorry you had to actually go to WORK today! LOL! I know it sucks to have to make a living don't it?
I think that avocado thing really made your day though didn't it?

BizAdventure said...

OMG - you are doing south beach stuff? Where is your head you silly woman??? Processed food is just not GOOD for you, no matter what. SLAP! Feel better now? Mama Biz is back!

Ed & Jennifer said...

Awww Mary Berry! I can't believe you called me Jenny Penny (that's what my Mama calls me)! I love it!

Girl, I'm not going anywhere I just get such a late start in the day now with working out that I don't want to stress if I don't do my blog entry for the day and don't want ya'll to worry!!! Ya'll are my family and it's harder on me than you-I need my HCG family.

Okay so you completely read my mind because I was wondering to myself today "can I freeze avocados?" So we can? YES!!! Thanks for sharing that sista!

Love ya Mary, can't wait for you to start P3 so we can share our menu's!!!

ROFL, and Mama Biz is BACK....

Amie said...

HA HA BIZ! ;D I love that woman!

But anyhow - Hello!! Pleased ta meetcha ;)

Way to go with your P2 - Hokey 61 DAYS! If it works for you, though - work it! This hcg thing is awesome in that you can fit it to any lifestyle, body type, etc.

Thanks for the avocado tip...

B's Journey said...

nHappy for you lady. I hope I was around 160's :( I am still so happy that I am about 40 pounds lighter, I look at it from the bright side :) I can't wait to start my VLCD monday and see that scale going down down down :)