Thursday, April 3, 2008

R3P2D62 24 Hours Done!!

Round 3 Phase 2 Day 62
No Injection
R3 LIW: 161.4 04.02.08
Yesterday's Wt: 161.4
Today's Wt: 161.0
0.4 lbs LOSS from yesterday
0.4 lb under LIW

Okay, so I'm a dork. I got home yesterday and withdrew what was left in the vial. It measured 0.8ml and I thought, that's not enough so I squirted it into the sink. Of course, after I did that, I realized, hey that was still enough for a lower dose, duh, but it was too late. So yesterday was my last injection day and Saturday, I will be on Phase 3 (again). Besides, its better to start P3 on a Saturday rather than a Sunday, right? At least for me it is.

I think I hit immunity as well for this round. Yesterday I was starving all day and I'm feeling the same way this morning. So I'm ready for my scolding Mama Biz!!! I really deviated yesterday so I was expecting a gain this morning. My magnesium tablets finally kicked in last night, thank goodness!!

I went to Sam's after work yesterday to fuel up and since I felt really tired, for reasons unknown, I bought a rotisserie chicken and some more avocados. The price on them fell about a dollar from the last time I bought them. That was the other reason I was so happy I found out you could freeze the avocado meat. I bought some edamame as well and my half and half for the weekend. After I got home, I pretty much just vegged and my daughter didn't get home till 6:00pm. Here we go again. I didn't get upset with her, I'm just glad she was okay. My friend text me when I was getting ready for bed and asked if my daughter could babysit on Friday and Saturday for a few hours each day and my daughter agreed. Lucky for me I get a few hours to myself both days, yea!!!

Hey, I believe the replay of Paul McKenna's show, I Can Make You Thin, is on tonight, so check it out if you can. Very interesting, if I do say so myself.

Yesterday's Menu:
B: 16oz. coffee w/milk & Splenda, 2-12oz. black coffee, 1 Krispy Kreme, 1-100 calorie pack Grasshopper cookies
L: Smart Ones garlic herb chicken w/zucchini & red peppers(2 tiny pieces), 5-7 grapes, 3 pecan halves
D: skinless rotisserie chicken breast w/salsa, 1 WASA light rye crisp, 2 SF Russell Stover coconut candies

Becca, yes, I have the lack of motivation to be here this week but since I haven't won or played the lottery, guess I'll have to keep working. Yes, I'm glad I looked it up, I don't know how many I have thrown out because they've gone bad before I could use them all up.

Mama Biz, yes, I've been very lazy the last few weeks to cook so I opted for an easy way out, frozen dinners. I chose the South Beach ones since they have lower carb contents than the regular dinners. I'm sure you'll slap me around some more till Saturday since I will have to cook myself some decent breakfast, lunch and dinner for P3.

Jennay, I enjoy reading your blog even if it has nothin' to do with HCG, you're a really sweet person and funny to boot! Yes, I am so happy I looked up that info on the avocados. I check on them daily and they didn't turn brown as I expected them to. Guess I added enough lemon juice so it wouldn't while it froze. Mama Biz is back and I'm scared, I'm hiding in the corner!!

Amie, well hello!!! Thanks for stopping by!!! I know it looks like I was on P2 for a very long time, but I did take many, many breaks and now I'm finally done just with Round 3.

B, I'm rootin' for ya!! I am so ready for this P3!!! Believe me this decade was hard for me but I really need to get my head back into the game, hence my new nickname, The Deviator!!


cb9094 said...

Yea! You're done and look at that TOTAL weight loss!! I know that you have had many ups and downs on this round but you stuck it out and I believe that your P3 will be much better. You have worked it out!

Keep posting and don't go MIA like the rest of the blogger community! There were days when I thought we were the only ones out there, Ha!

Lova ya TONS!!!

Becca said...

Whew, finally you can be REALLY done for a while. I swear sometimes I can't tell what phase you're on anyway! LOL!
I am not knocking what you've achieved though, I'm very impressed with how well you have maintained. How long are you planning to break this time and when will you start your next round? And will you keep posting so we can keep an eye on you?

Ed & Jennifer said...

YOU are the funny one Miss Marray! So your eternal R3 is finally coming to an end huh?! Well it's about damn time!!!

I love edamame and I ate about 2 cups of it yesterday. Your blog reminded me that I need to eat more today. They are so fun to eat and I love 'em so does our dog Jackson-he freaks out like they are "treats!" That's my boy!!!

Becca asked all the questions I wanted to!

Girl, it's almost Friday!!!

BizAdventure said...

I am with Becca, I can never tell when you are on or off this dang protocol. SO you are not gonna leave us this time on P3 are ya? We still want to hear all about your progress, good OR bad.

B's Journey said...

You sure do love avacados huh.. I love them too.. I also was so hungry towards to end of my second round, I was glad I took a break, its been almost 6 weeks and I am so ready, I will keep you all posted, pls. you do the same.. Congrats on your loss ;)