Sunday, April 20, 2008

R3P3D16 The Maintaining Game I Continue To Play

Round 3 Phase 3 Day 16
LIW: 161.4 04.02.08
Yesterday's Wt: 161.0
Today's Wt: 160.0
1.0 lbs LOSS from yesterday
1.4 lb UNDER LIW

I have been wanting to try a whole wheat english muffin but will hold off till next week since I will have completed 3 weeks of P3. Saturday should be the beginning of P4, we'll see. I have become addicted to my walking. I told myself to rest Thursday and Friday but I went out anyway even in the blustering wind. I went to the track yesterday and today but today I only walked for about 35 minutes just to take it easy today. I need to start doing some toning exercises but I'm still not motivated to do that just yet. The only real thing motivating me is that officer I've been flirting with. I've seen him more this past week than I have all year. I just don't know if he's flirting out of fun or if he's serious. Anyway, my mom called last night and asked if we wanted to go shopping in Las Cruces, New Mexico. My daughter is very anxious to go but I'm really wanted to stay home alone for some "me" time but I would like to go as well but I don't want to spend money on clothes yet either. Ergh, decisions, decisions!!

Okay, back to my title, I realized this week that during my first 2 rounds I always gained back quite a bit of weight and it bothered me to have to re-lose the same pounds again when restarting a new round. So this round, I don't want to do that so I'm going to stay as close as possible to LIW. I haven't decided exactly when I'm going to restart Round 4 but it will have to be soon, summer is knocking at our back door already. There's going to be a big party for the officers getting off probation. This party is to take place on May 9 and then Memorial Day at the end of the month. I usually don't drink at the "rookie" parties because I don't want to look like a total idiot at work the following day or whatever. I don't even know if Flirty the officer will be there or not, I haven't asked him. Last time we went to party, he made a special request of what I should wear and I obliged only for him to show up with a girl. I think he realized his mistake and left very soon after that. Anyway, we didn't have a formal date or anything so I just blew it off. Okay, I've rambled enough.

Yesterday's Menu:
B: 2 hard boiled eggs & coffee w/half & half
L: rotisserie chicken breast w/skin
S: mac & cashew nuts, 6 oz. Light N Fit yogurt w/ground flax
D: grilled chuck steak w/zucchini & cauliflower sauteed in butter

Biz, I am elated to maintain so close to LIW. It has boosted my confidence through the roof and people at work have noticed my mood change. They think its my new short haircut that did it but I think its knowing that I'm maintaining and the walking has been a great stress reliever!! Hey, did you miss my shoutout to ya on Friday's post? I was thanking you for your creative egg day, that really worked for me, so thanks again!!

B, thanks, believe me my first 2 rounds, I went hog wild and paid for it by having to lose the same weight over and over, I think I have learned my lesson now. Hope you enjoy this weekend as well!!!

Lili, I really didn't think I would be able to do the egg day but amazingly I wasn't hungry during the day. During the evening hours, my worst time, I started to get hungry but I munched on a few macadamia nuts and that helped quell that feeling. It paid off. I'm not too worried about that slight gain at least it didn't skyrocket back to 165, I would have had a cow!!!


B's Journey said...

You are doing great, as far as I understand you either work for the police department or you are a police officer, which one girl and I've checked your profile you don't live too far from me either I live in Killeen TX.
Have a good one ;)

Becca said...

Marygirl! I am so impressed with how well you're maintaining! Is this the same Mary who couldn't go a whole week on P2 without cheating? I would never know it! But you know what? This is when it really counts girl! Once you get the weight off, that final P3 will need to be strict so you don't gain it back and WOW have you ever got it figured out! I'll have to take notes from you...