Wednesday, April 9, 2008

R3P3D5 Still Loathing Early Morning Weigh Ins

Round 3 Phase 3 Day 5
LIW: 161.4 04.02.08
Yesterday's Wt: 162.2
Today's Wt: 163.0
0.6 lbs GAIN from yesterday
1.6 lb OVER LIW

I went to Home Depot yesterday again, after work to look at some bathroom faucets. They had some on clearance for $99.00 each. I looked down the faucet aisle and looked at some more. I finally settled on some that were nice and were $29.00 each. What a difference. I went to vote for our local run off and then went home. During my lunch hour (10am) I decided to go and get a haircut. I got it all cut off!!! I have a very short bob now. The weather here is getting hot so I always chop my locks off for the summer. Everyone at work was amazed that I got it done in less than an hour. Some of the guys even complimented me. So when I finally arrived home, I got to coloring it because my roots were showing. My daughter got home and said she didn't like my cut at all. Whatever!!! While I was coloring my hair, I got on the scale and it said 160.8. That's a number I like. So this morning's weigh in royally sucked!! Hopefully on Saturday morning, I can get a more accurate reading since I'll weigh in later.

Yesterday's Menu:
B: macadamian nuts and almonds, coffee w/half & half & Splenda, coffee w/plain liquid coffeemate
L: South Beach Living turkey medalians, brown rice, green beans & yellow peppers
S: pork rinds w/hot sauce
D: chicken breast w/1/2 an avocado and mayo, mustard, ACV, dill sauce

I'm really enjoying that mayo, mustard ACV and dill sauce on fish and chicken.

Biz, I'm trying to maintain but my numbers are off because I weigh in soooo early!!

Becca, yes with my limited income, I have to do things myself and my father is not a very patient man so I try not to ask him for help too often. Its sad when I get a flat tire and guys try and help me but I'm better off doing it myself. I love the look on their face when I finish without their help. Now I need to learn to work on my car myself!!

B, I'm really trying to maintain but these 3:30am weigh ins really bite the big one!!! Yes, I learned it from both my parents. Once my parents divorced, my mom started doing things for herself so she inspired me as well.


BizAdventure said...

But if you weigh that early all the time, it will be a constant change, right?

Doing well tho, no matter what time you are weighing!

Ed & Jennifer said...

Hey girl! You chopped your hair? Regardless of what your daughter says I'm sure it looks adorable-I love my hair short.

I'm so impressed with you being Miss Fixer Mama-YOU GO GIRL!

I'm very impressed with how well your P3 is going (I guess you are a pro at this by now huh)?!

Keep showin us how it's done...

cb9094 said...

You're doing great, chickie! I bet your hair looks adorable!

Love Ya-

Becca said...

Hey, you me and Jenn all getting short haircuts! It took me several weeks to get used to styling mine but I'm finally comfortable with it. Sounds like you've had it this length before though so you know what to do already!
You should post a pic!

B's Journey said...

Hey Lady,
I have curly hair and I can't do short but I am sure you look cute ;) if you like how 160.8 sounded, lets stick to you doing great my friend, no worries.