Wednesday, April 23, 2008

R3P3D19 Getting Closer to P2 Again

Round 3 Phase 3 Day 19
LIW: 161.4 04.02.08
Yesterday's Wt: 161.6
Today's Wt: 161.0
0.6 lbs LOSS from yesterday
0.4 lb UNDER LIW

Phew, still holding steady. I did indulge in a bit of potato chips and queso yesterday but not much. I went for my walk in the park during my lunch hour. After lunch I realized there was a apartment manager's meeting in the conference room so that means there's food. There was coleslaw, biscuits, potato salad, cookies and donuts and would you believe all I got was a piece of chicken, salad and my chips?? Everyone was amazed at my plate but it was enough for me.

I'm leaving half day today because I have to work with a weirdo. My regular shift guys are in a training today so there are detectives and tactical officers covering for my guys.

Yesterday's Menu:
B: 2 hard boiled eggs and coffee
S: 2 hard boiled eggs
L: 1 BBQ chicken leg, salad and chips and queso
S: 6 oz. yogurt, mac & cashews
D: 2 fried tilapia fillets (butter & coconut oil), sauteed zucchini, cauliflower and onions

Lindsayloo, thanks for stopping by and wish you the best on this journey. We are starting out around the same weight so let's see where this round takes us both. I've added you to my blog as well.

Becca, Thanks, sometimes it feels like a lot of work maintaining and I do catch myself wondering if I'm eating enough or not, etc. Are you still walking? I'll just run up my credit cards when I get to my desired weight, he he!!

Thanks Marlene!! There are different places to order from but I ordered back in December from Drug Delivery and it took about 3 weeks to get it. My supplies such as syringes, sterile vials and bac water from Research Supply. Email me if you have more questions.


Becca said...

Hmmm, funny. You left work because of a weirdo... I bet you see a lot of weirdos in your line of work!
I am still walking several days a week. mine are usually just short 15 minute walks once around the lake. I used to go around all three lakes and it took about 40 minutes. So maybe I'll do that tomorrow morning...

cb9094 said...

Hey Girl, I've missed you! Great job on the maintaining...sometimes I think maintaining is harder than losing! Looks like you have it figured out.


B's Journey said...

You just doing great my friend, keep it up, I think as long as you burn what u eat small indulgments won't hurt. Continue walking it off.

Anonymous said...

Good job!