Tuesday, April 1, 2008

R3P2D60 I'm Still The Reining Deviator

Round 3 Phase 2 Day 60
1ml HCG (166.6 iu) Injection #24
R3 LIW: 162.0 03.19.08
Yesterday's Wt: 161.4
Today's Wt: 161.0
0.4 lbs LOST from yesterday
1.0 lb under LIW

Sorry so late. I took the day off from work and drove my daughter to school since my father had an appointment, he was not able to take her. Actually he could have but my daughter didn't want to be there super early, especially on the first day back from spring break. Her school is very close to Wal*Mart so I headed there after dropping her off. I needed some washers and O Rings to fix my leaky faucet. I had coupons so I went a little crazy. Then I headed to Super Target, thank goodness there's a Starbucks in there, I was dying from not having my cup of joe. I bought some blue corn chips since they have a lower glycemic index than regular corn chips. I even found whole wheat English muffins to be frozen till I can have them. Who am I kidding, I'll be eating those in P3 with peanut butter!! I found the small cake pans that Cleo spoke of on her site for making perfectly shaped oopsie rolls. I'm very tempted to buy a bike and they have them on sale this week. I have till Saturday to think about this. So from there, I drove to Albertson's to check and see if they had the yogurt that was on sale. They didn't have the one I wanted but another lady had an employee find some for her and I politely asked him to check on the brand that I wanted as well. He stocked the fridge and we grabbed!! He didn't give me many flavors so I got a rain check for more!! I stopped at Dollar General from there to get dish soap for work.

I'm finally home and I have so much to do around here as well. Fix the leaky faucet, wash my comforter, change the sheets of course, and wash my whites. So much to do so little time!! So much for my day off, I'm doing more work here than at work, sheesh!!

Yesterday's Menu:
B: 16 oz. coffee w/milk & Splenda, 2-12 oz. black coffee
L: South Beach Living Garlic Herb Chicken w/green bean almondine, 1 whole grapefruit
D: Jumbo Jack w/cheese w/o top bun & no mayo, extra mustard & homemade salsa
S: 6 oz. red raspberry yogurt w/tbls. of ground flaxseed, 2 SF toffee squares

Biz, we are still missing a few bloggers, I just hope every one's okay!! I'm finally a pound under LIW, whoo hoo!! I'm glad to hear everyone had a good, restful weekend!!!

B, that bastard showed up, eh? At least he'll be outta the way when you restart P2!! I'm ready for another break so I can restart P2 again. Try and check out the replay of his show on TLC. He really explains the technique and gives some good pointers to stop emotional eating and cravings. I think it replays tomorrow or Thursday, try and check it out. Take care and keep us posted on your P2 progress. Love ya!!


BizAdventure said...

Hey girl, doing good. Even tho you are deviating like crazy, you still are losing, don't know what is up with that! ROFL

Becca said...

Hi Marygirl. Good for you getting to LIW finally! I don't know what you would do without WalMart, or what WalMart would do without you. You are a shopper extraordinaire!

I am going to try to catch an episode of Paul McKenna's show this week. I'll keep my eye out for it. Now that my guests are gone, the only person I will have to fight for the remote is my husband! LOL!

B's Journey said...

You are doing great.. Under the LIW,wow.. I hope I can make that happen till monday but I doubt that lol.. Well I will check on Paul McKenna again and see whats gonna happen.
Have a good one :)

B's Journey said...

Oh.. I forgot to tell you.. I loved the

Ed & Jennifer said...

Oh, whatcha doin Mary Berry? I miss you! We've been playing (and cleaning) so I haven't been online much. I had to come check on ya!

Looks like you are back on P2 and back to almost seeing the 150's (again)!!! Okay, Mary WE CAN DO THIS!

Phew, your daughter is back to school, how was the wine?

Love ya Marrray!