Tuesday, May 20, 2008

R4P2D10 The Moon & Stars Are Not Aligned

Round 4 Phase 2 Day 10 VLCD 9
0.9ml (150iu) HCG IM injection # 9
Starting Weight on 08.18.07: 197lbs
R3 LIW: 161.4
Starting R4 Wt: 161.8
Yesterday's Wt: 157.0
Today's Wt: 156.8
0.2 lbs LOSS from yesterday

Well my deviations are still holding strong but I'll take any loss at this point. I strayed a bit yesterday but nothing like the 3 donuts deal Friday. After work yesterday, I went home to pick up my bowling ball and take it to have it drilled. They had to measure my hand and such so they will have it ready for me today and I will have it in time to bowl tomorrow. I got home and made a simple dinner.

I woke up this morning feeling a bit tired and it showed. I got to work and I was working, working, working. I finally got to sit down and put my feet up, so to speak, and realized I was wearing two different colored shoes. I was so embarrassed. No wonder everyone kept looking at me funny and not saying anything. I took an unmarked vehicle and went home to change my shoe.

My daughter has 2 days left of school and she is refusing to go to summer school to get ahead. She'll regret it later but who am I to tell her what to do?

Yesterday's Menu:
B: coffee, 1 apple
L: Wendy's chicken Caesar salad w/croutons and no dressing
D: hamburger patty w/yellow mustard and 1 apple, 2 sugar free thin mint cookies

Jan, thanks but to save money, I have learned to do things for myself unless I think it is way too complicated, I will call in the big guns.

Jennay!! I only need a man for one thing but sometimes you don't even need 'em for that, he, he!! Yes, 3 donuts and I had a loss, but it has caught up to me!! I'm trying to stay with protocol foods but I have been bad and not preparing it ahead of time.

B, yes it was a very busy weekend but it turned out inexpensively, whoo hoo!!

Monica, yes, I realized last night that I only have this week and next week before my HCG runs out, so my game is to reach the 140's but my deviations have slowed me up!! I'll try your game since its less that 2 weeks that I have left. Thanks so much and enjoy your P3!!

Biz, yes, it dawned on me and I started kicking myself but hey, no other diet plan would have even gotten me this close, right? So I'll stop beating myself up about that, just need to beat myself about the deviations since I can't blame TOM anymore.


BizAdventure said...

Don't beat yourself up, just learn your lessons and move on. OK?

triplejtb said...

Keep rocking Mary...there is a big learning curve for teenagers ... some just refuse to stay on it...:lol:


B's Journey said...

Its ok with little loss !! any loss is GOOD REMEMBER!! look whose talking I'm never satisfied with small losses
Love Ya!

applebottomblues said...

oh no... 2 different colored shoes? Girl, you know I would have told you. It's great that you had a loss today. It's certainly better than a gain so it's a good thing.

Becca said...

Oh Mary, you know I can always count on you for a good laugh! I'm thinking about the moment you realized they were two different colors! Too funny! I live too far to run home and change so I would have had to go around like that all day!

I'm very impressed that you got your fixit job done so well. I used to have to do stuff like that in my single days, that is when I couldn't sweet talk one of my admirers into helping me. LOL!
But now I have a live-in handyman and have given up those chores!
Take care girl and get back on track so you can start losing some more! You're way behind! LOL!