Monday, April 7, 2008

R3P3D3 Working My Non-Paying Job Today

Round 3 Phase 3 Day 3
LIW: 161.4 04.02.08
Yesterday's Wt: 161.8
Today's Wt: 161.6
0.2 lbs LOSS from yesterday
0.2 lb OVER LIW

Okay, I played hooky again today but I had to put on my handywoman hat on. Yesterday I started messing with the kitchen sink cause it's been leaking. I decided to put an older faucet that I had in my other home. Well, everything went well even for working in such a tight space, then this one started leaking. I researched on the internet what to do and I needed to buy parts. I left that for today. I had to keep myself busy as well yesterday because my daughter went to her first ever concert, The Taste of Chaos. So I was worried sick!!! I tried to scare her or at least warn her of what could happen but she still went anyway. She left at around 1pm and didn't return until 11:30pm and of course I was still up. TOM being here wasn't helping either so I was extremely emotional and making myself crazy!!!

So this morning I called my father and told him that my daughter was sick and wasn't going to school. He was full of questions. I used my daughter's bathroom and I could hear water running. It was the toilet. I did the food coloring trick and it was leaking. I got dressed and went to Home Depot to find the parts I needed for my leaky faucet. I got very lucky and a couple of employees were extremely helpful. I found the parts I needed myself basically but other things they helped me find. I splurged on a new garbage disposal so that's my next project as well as fixing the toilets!!! I got some coffee at Starbucks and ran into Wal*Mart and bought the paper and took a quick look around but only bought the paper. I went to Harbor Freights to buy a good supply of o-rings for my faucets. I also got some pliers and wrenches that were on sale because I sure needed them yesterday. The o-rings were on sale too!! I got home and fixed my leaky faucet. It no longer leaks, whoo hoo!!!

I haven't eaten yet today because adrenaline is running high.

Yesterday's Menu:
B: 2 egg scramble w/peppers, onions, mushrooms, salsa and avocado
S: pork rinds w/hot sauce
L: Chicken salad w/mayo, mustard, ACV, apples, celery, onions and macadamia nuts
S: pork rinds w/hot sauce
D: more chicken salad

Becca, best of luck to you on P2!! Turns out they didn't have any. It's getting hard to come by in Mexico just the same. She checked many pharmacies and many of them said it wasn't coming in. At least I have a good supply on hand for now.

Bo Blue, I just want the 160's to be over, it has been the hardest decade for me yet. I just like this thermos because I can keep it in the fridge and it will block out the light even more and keep it extra cool. Hopefully if I forget to put it back in the fridge, it should help keep it cooler than if I just left it out in the open. Thanks again for the idea!!

Jennay, ha, you crack me up!! Only you would sum it for me like that!! I'm here just playing handywoman today!!!


B's Journey said...

You are a quite handywomen ;) I started today, check up on me whenever you get a chance, I need all the support I can get ;)
Have a good one..