Friday, February 1, 2008

R2P2D5 Short Post

Round 3 Week 1 of Phase 2 VCLD Day 5
1ml HCG (166.6iu) IM Injection#5
LIW: 168.2
Yesterday's Wt: 171.6
Today's Wt: 170.4
1.2 lbs LOSS overnight

Yesterday after work I went to 3 different Dollar General stores looking for pregnancy tests. They were either out or hidden behind a counter. I was able to get 2 from 2 different stores. So this morning I tested my batch and it is still good. I can tell that it is really still effective because I wasn't tired last night and it was already 9pm and I had been up since 3:30am. I guess my theory of my batch not being effective just went out the window along with TOM. I did deviate yesterday but that was my doing. I gave in to a Krispy Kreme donut. I selected the smallest donut I could find. I was really tempted to get another but remembered to do my tapping and that helped. Since I went to so many different stores yesterday, I guess I must have burned it off from all the walking. (Yeah right!) I did increase my protein yesterday as well and that seems to have been helping as well.

Yesterday's Menu:
B: 12oz coffee w/half & half, 2 pkts Splenda, 12oz black coffee
L: homemade mixed greens salad w/cubed rotisserie skinless chicken breast and grape tomatoes S: 1 Krispy Kreme donut
D: 200gm(weighed raw) grilled hamburger patty and 1/2 cuke with ACV

Biz, Thanks for the good vibes, they're helping!!
CB, I'm hanging tough and just enjoying the ride and thanks for checking in on me!!
Jen, thanks for checking in!! Yes, I love my kitties even though they drive me nuts sometimes, they're just like children!!
Ewewho, I'm trying to stay on that slide! My babies all have colds now, they are sneezing like crazy. I think my kitten that came back from the vet brought it with him after his surgery.
Becca, thanks for the woo hoo, the "g" is for my last name but I like your idea better!!

Everyone take care!!


BizAdventure said...

WOOT! You did good even with the Krispy Kreme, but if you knew what was in them, you might reconsider next time....

You know I love ya girlie girl!

Ed & Jennifer said...

Oh, it wouldn't be right if Biz didn't set you straight! LOL

Krispy damn Kreme (was it hot and fresh)? And you still lost...why did you even tell us, are you wanting to torture me?!

So do you just put the hcg on the prego test or do you pee on the prego test? How much did you pay for them?

You better be good this weekend little Mary Moe!

applebottomblues said...

Nice loss, but I don't know WHAT to say about the krispy kreme. Well, at least it was only one. Have a great evening miss g.

TNgal80 said...

OMG girl......I was like pregnancy test?! I miss a few days and everyone is popping out babies huh? LOL kidding.
Oh wait...I forgot to read the rest of your post. LMAO
Its past my bedtime here and I have sipped on some rum so the brain as slowed down. From your commenters over there I see you had an affair with a guy named Krispy? Hmmmmm